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Sky Digital Question

(June 2004)

Philip Cobbold Central (West) Midlands Today
A quick question to everyone who has Sky Digital.

Are the different regional versions of BBC 1 avaliable on all the packages available, or only on some, and if so, which packages include them?

Many Thanks
Mark Smith
They're not available on any packages. They're free to air therefore no viewing card is required, though if you have one then your local region will appear on 101/2 and the others further down the EPG. Without a card BBC1 London is on 101 and BBC2 England on 102.
Philip Cobbold Central (West) Midlands Today
Thank you.
Nicky (previously BBCNicky) Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
On my 'version' of Sky Digital, you can recieve all BBC regions, but for some reason I can't get BBC 1 South East.

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