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This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
One final closedown, with the National Anthem:

I have one more. In the words of one of our Queens of World.

The curtain call.

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So, having left it until the last minute to comment, here we are.

Whilst I haven't been here that long (5 years incl. original account) I have enjoyed the experience of talking to likeminded people about television presentation, even if some of my favourite eras may well be the worst for many others (ITV News 2009, ITV 2006-13).

It's not really goodbye after all, I'll still be around on the new TVLF and I hope that discussion can continue there in a similar manner to how it has here for the last 20 years. Thank you all, especially Asa, Bail and Charlie Wells for keeping the forum running all this time, and we now cross to the BBC News Channel. Good night.

How unfortunate it would be, if we all woke up tomorrow morning and Oneness was gone for good...

Still here until 9pm Smile
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There's another slower BBC News countdowm theme kicking around somwehere. It was done around 2001. Even the pips sounded sad Smile
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Thought I'd post one last time, just to say - goodbye everyone. All the best.
“Well that’s just about it from me. As you may know our colleagues on TV Live Forum take over from tomorrow. So with thanks to Asa, the Mods and all the past and present members since 2001; this is RDJ bidding you a fond farewell.”

“And that’s the way it looks tonight. And that brings to an end my association with TV Forum. Thank you for watching and thank you for all your generous messages. Goodnight, and goodbye.”

“And March the 31st also marks the end of our stay here at TV Forum. Thank you for watching. A firm goodbye from me. Brand new forum tomorrow. Keep watching, bye bye.”

“It’s an overworked expression when people say it’s the end of an era. But for TV Forum, for me and possibly you - it really is the end of an era. I hope your memory will be very kind to us. After 3,310 from me - Bye!”

“This is TV Forum. Well don’t forget we have plenty more entertainment to come over on TV Live Forum. Well things are going to be a little different from tomorrow won’t they Trish?

They certainly will Glen. From tomorrow TV Live Forum will be comin’ atcha with a whole new look. Which means.... sadly... this is where you and I bow out.

Certainly is, but it’s been fun though Trish.

It’s been many years Glen!

So for the final time, from the servers on the World Wide Web, this is TVF, Television Forum.”

With not many hours left until the forums close baring any final moderating duties this will (probably) be my final public post on TVForum. Once again my thanks to Asa, Bail, and all of those who've contributed to the forums over the years.

So all that is left for me Keith, aka 'Charlie Wells' in my hideaway in Cambridgeshire is to say farewell. Oh, and so long and thanks for all the fish.
Huh. I always assumed Charlie Wells was your real name! Shocked

Well, saying that, looks like now it really is goodbye. It's been said enough already, but thanks to Asa and the mods. And those of you moving over to TV Live Forum, see you there!
*End credits play*

The End of TV Forum

a TV Live Presentation MMXXI

*ident plays*

Announcer: Well, there you are. After 20 years and thousands of posts! TV Forum is about to close down.
Just before we handover to BBC News 24 until 6am when we handover to TV Live forum, I hope we have entertained you,
informed you with the discussions, and from time to time amused you, There's not a lot to say now but thank you and goodbye

*fade to black*

*BBC News 24 begins*

Reporter: Welcome to BBC News! Here are our headlines for today!


Announcer: Welcome to TV Live Forum! The new home for presentation discussion.
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Wasn't a bad 20 years, was it?
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Clip kindly provided by.... TV Forum.

You'd have thought for the amazing soundtrack they'd have rendered up more than 17 seconds of footage, wouldn't you.
As my last post, I would like to say that I always preferred the Digital Spy forum. (only joking... it's actually Cook'd and Bomb'd) Smile

Seriously, thanks for everything, folks
Ooh, is that you off then?

Goodbye friends!
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