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This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
@Asa - Cheers for the last 20 or so years where this forum has been a substantial fountain of knowledge, wisdom, drama and everything in-between. TVF was the ultimate 'catch-up' service even before iPlayer existed, and certainly with regard to television news - my forte.

We have butted heads over the Covid months but until then I believe my record to have been as clean as a whistle. You made the right choices as you saw fit at the time, and those we've discussed in private are long gone.

Special thanks to those who fought my corner when I was in solitary confinement, and again to Asa for unlocking my cell over Christmas.

Will miss this place. Thank you for the time!

Now, unless something insane Breaks in the coming hours.... ciao.
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Thanks again all. Agree with the posts above, a professional operation to the end.


Having saluted our talented posters! I'd like if I may on your behalf! to thank all of the men and woman who worked so creatively to make the best forum we could! And we would like to thank you, our readers! It has been a privilege to serve you, And for now! From all of us at TV Forum past and present! We would like to wish you... A happy April Fools and a happy Easter

TV Forum! A Talent for Presentation Discussion
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Thanks for everything, tara a bit!

bye everyone Smile pleasure (most of the time) to have been part of the discussion
bilky asko
No matter where you are tonight, or who you are; you might not know it, but somebody loves you.
Been proud to be a member on this forum and it will be a major loss but TVLF should at least fill the broadcasting gap we are missing.

See you on the other side.
Thanks for watching. See ya tomorrow!
Thank you TV Forum. The hard work from all the people behind the scenes is much appreciated. I leave you with an epilogue...

And a reflection on tv closing down for the night :

Charlie Wells Moderator
With not many hours left until the forums close baring any final moderating duties this will (probably) be my final public post on TVForum. Once again my thanks to Asa, Bail, and all of those who've contributed to the forums over the years.

So all that is left for me Keith, aka 'Charlie Wells' in my hideaway in Cambridgeshire is to say farewell. Oh, and so long and thanks for all the fish.
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for keeping tv related discussion alive for so long here on TV Forum. It’s always been an interest of mine, I’ve been an occasional poster and avid reader since 26.05.2003.

Thanks and goodbye.
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Thank you, and goodbye

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