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This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Thanks for a fantastic eight and a half years TV Forum.

I hear there’s something great on the other side... I hope you’re all tuning in.
Goodbye TV Forum.

I've spent four and half years on this website. Sharing my opinions, engaging in friendly... and sometimes not so friendly debate and shared the occasional sh*t mock design (well actually, 75% of them were, aside from Dating in The Jungle and TOTP).

Thank you for welcoming me onto this site as a 15-year-old boy interested in TV presentation, idents, branding, graphic design and theme tunes. A boy that wanted to work in radio.

I did occasionally visit the website years prior (2011 - 2014) to see what your views were on Daybreak. This was the first mock I saw on here:

I leave TV Forum as an almost 21-year-old who works in radio and podcasting, who has improved on his graphic design and someone who has been inspired by you all.

Thank you Asa, Bail, Charlie and Rob.

See you on the Purple side.
Time for my final post here Sad

I’m another long time lurker - I’ve only posted a few times - but have been visiting the forum since I was a teenager, and have enjoyed reading the discussions about TV presentation and related topics, and seeing the many mocks in the Gallery over the years.
I’ve had an interest in idents, logos & graphics and the ‘behind the scenes’ of TV from a young age, and enjoy(ed) browsing sites like TV & Radio Bits (to my year 6 teacher’s bemusement!) and, and later TV Whirl and TV Ark.
Secondary school gave me 2 opportunities of going on tours of BBC Television Centre which I really enjoyed (I remember spotting old bits of branding around the building!).
So discovering this forum has been a great way of continuing my interest in the broadcast industry over these years, and being part of a community with shared interests!

I was sad to read of the closure but wanted to join others in expressing my thanks to Asa for creating and running the forum, and fellow ‘forumers’ for the wealth of discussions, and the fascinating input from industry ‘insiders’!

I’ll certainly miss this forum....
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OK Inspector Sands - you've 24 hours to catch up. Very Happy

Hwyl Fawr.

Hmmmm, what can I post that'll get 22,409 kudos points in 24 hours???...?

The BBC Family Clock?

What's that from? Confused
Can I just say that as one of the older members of this forum, I have been so interested to see that many of the posters on here were and are so young. For me that is wonderful, it is not just us older ones who could be stuck in the past, but a whole new group of people who are interested in bringing things of interest to viewers and listeners now and in the future.
Although the end of something is sad, which has been mentioned here on this thread so many times, as you get older you see that this is the way life is. It does move on, something else does come along. I have worked in buildings that are now demolished, worked on programmes with teams that have all moved on, doing things that are no longer required for shows that have been forgotten.
What is lovely is that we had fun at the time. What is great, is that sometimes people have mentioned something in the past which I have worked on, and for them it was special. To have that bought up years, if not decades, later shows it was all worthwhile back then.
I hope the generations after mine will achieve the same - I am sure you all will - maybe not on TV as we have known it, but on whatever is captivating the public next.
All of you, please do make your life’s work doing what you enjoy, as that is the key to a happy life, and that is where you will meet others who share your interests and will ultimately pull the rest of the public in.
Thanks Asa, and all the others. I have enjoyed my time on here, I am sure there are many others who have not been able to say how much they have also learned and moved on to create the next big thing. What you have done has driven a whole new pool of talent ahead for the future.
I wish everybody well, and look forward to seeing what you can deliver next.
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I’ve been on here (albeit lurking and I think I had another account way back) since I was about... 12? Which is a terrifying thought really - time really does fly. Still reading it to this day - still as interested in TV pres as i’ve ever been, the difference now is i’m 21 and i’m going to be a graphic design graduate this summer - which is crazy.

Thank you all so much for the ride - it’s going to be very very weird not having this a tap away in my frequently visited. It’s been wonderful.

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Inspector Sands
JAS84 posted:
OK Inspector Sands - you've 24 hours to catch up. Very Happy

Hwyl Fawr.

Hmmmm, what can I post that'll get 22,409 kudos points in 24 hours???...?

The BBC Family Clock?

What's that from? Confused

It is what it is Very Happy
Dan Founding member
Thanks to Asa and everyone else who's been on the team over the years. I haven't been here as much recently as I was back in the early 2000s, but just wanted to pop back to say thank you for everything, and all the best for the future.

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the eye
Goodbye and thank you everybody!
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So. Farewell then, TV Forum...

I may have been nothing more than a lurker, but I've always enjoyed reading TV Forum. Hearing it was headed for the dump was a very sad moment, but I'm glad Rob's decided to pick up the mantle and make a new forum. Oh, and some other people as well, for some reason.

It seems I've arrived fashionably late, so I should probably start wrapping this up. Thanks for 20 great years, Asa and everyone who's been on the moderation team.

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Mateus Honrado
This is officially my 64th and final post on this forum. Although my time on this forum may be brief due to this being the final month of the forum, I'd like to thank Asa for creating this great forum and thus I will continue on as part of the TV Live Forum.

So, that's all from me and goodbye.
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I wish everybody well, and look forward to seeing what you can deliver next.

Well, before Asa finally pulls out the U Links, see you all over on TV Live very soon.

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