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TV shows that moved channel?

(March 2021)

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Gary Baldy
With the recent announcement that Eggheads is going to be moving to Channel 5 after 18 years on the BBC, I'm wondering what other popular shows moved channels? I know Mastermind moved to Discovery and flopped at the turn of the century, and then obviously more recently, you have your Bake Offs, your Voices, and your Big Brothers- anyone have anything else?
DJ Jimmy
I hope Eggheads gets better treatment than a previous BBC Two move to Channel 5, that being Robot Wars back in 2003.

After being given a fairly well advertised move to 8pm on Sundays it was moved to Saturday evening after a few weeks.

Suddenly, after a couple more weeks it was moved again, this time to ever changing mid afternoon times on Sundays.

Although some past familiar robots were missing and producer interference was rife, a lack of viewing figures were cited as the main reason for it's cancellation. No wonder given the way Channel 5 treated it.

Thankfully when it was rebooted in 2016 it was back on BBC Two, sadly it was just getting good again when it was axed after three series.
This happens a lot.

Men Behaving Badly - ITV to BBC One.
Neighbours - BBC One to Channel 5.
Home and Away - ITV to Channel 5.
Doug - Nickelodeon to Disney Channel.
Top Gear - BBC Two to BBC One.
Countdown - Yorkshire Television to Channel 4 (yeah, it was originally a local show, called Calendar Countdown).
Bullseye - ITV to Challenge (after a hiatus - Challenge bought the show after it was used on Gameshow Marathon).
University Challenge - ITV to BBC Two.
Gladiators - ITV to Sky One.
Win Your Wish List - BBC One to Channel 5.
Birds of a Feather - BBC One to ITV
Blind Date - ITV to Channel 5
Blankety Blank - BBC One to ITV
10 Years Younger - Channel 4 to Channel 5
...Kids and Counting - Channel 4 to Channel 5
You Are What You Eat - Channel 4 to Channel 5
Changing Rooms - BBC One to Channel 4
Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly - Channel 4 to Channel 5 (it started as a broadcast pilot on Channel 4)
Upstairs Downstairs - ITV to BBC One (although I'm sure not whether to include it as it's a sequel to the original series rather than the original series switching series)
Anglialad, DE88 and paul_hadley gave kudos
What The Papers Say - ITV to C4 to BBC2
The Apprentice - BBC Two to BBC One
Who Do You Think You Are? - BBC Two to BBC One
Masterchef (Current version) - BBC Two to BBC One
Masterchef the Professionals - BBC Two to BBC One
Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother - Channel 4 to Channel 5
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rob Founding member
Blockbusters: ITV to BBC to Sky (and ITV in some regions), to Sky again, to Comedy Central.
This is Your life was BBC for a few years, then ITV (Thames), and then back to the BBC.
rob posted:
Blockbusters: ITV to BBC to Sky (and ITV in some regions), to Sky again, to Comedy Central.

It was also on BBC 2 with Michael Aspel and Challenge with Simon Mayo.
Gusan posted:
What The Papers Say - ITV to C4 to BBC2

It was (and maybe still is) more recently part of “The Westminster Hour” on Radio 4, still credited to ITV.
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Graham Norton's chat show. Arguably started on C5 when he stood in for Jack Docherty, then C4, BBC 2, BBC 1?
The BBC lost quite a few shows in 2015/16. Bake Off, The Voice, Family Guy, American Dad, F1 coverage as well, all went to different channels.

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