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BBC1 and BBC2 (March 2021)

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A dilemma now for the BBC - BBC1 has now been named Channel of the Year. That is "RTS Channel of the Year". Will they add it to their lockdown idents - only time will tell.

The problem is they're already saying BBC2 is "Channel of the Year" with a badly positioned tag on the BBC2 idents. Now you can't have two BBC channels both saying they're "Channel of the Year" surely, even if technically they both are, with BBC2 getting the Edinburgh award last August.

Presumably they'll have to qualify it with the correct prefixes - easy enough for the RTS, not so much for the "Edinburgh International Television Festival Channel of the Year" - although sadly I see them opting to slap that across the BBC2 idents (probably on one line!) rather than simply opt not to include the claim on either.
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The easiest solution would be RTS channel of the year 2021 for BBC One and Edinburgh TV Festival Channel of the Year 2020 for BBC Two.

Also FYI the Edinburgh Awards not been sponsored by the Guardian for a long time.
Ah, spotted August when I searched for "BBC Two Channel of the Year", didn't spot 2012. Very Happy
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Maybe all the various TV Industry awards can arrange to each give a different channel the award, so all 5 main channels can display ‘Channel of the Year’ on their idents.
Channel 5 had both their Channel of the Year awards tagline last year in their idents which I thought worked well.
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As much as I don't like the tags, at least Channel 5 did them well - nice simple fades and off at the end. BBC Two just looks pants, but sadly that's what we've come to expect these days.

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