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Channel 4 - 40th Anniversary Designs

A milestone worth celebrating.. (March 2021)

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Yeah, I don't like the new thumbnail.

EDIT: ...yeah, I should probably explain why. The way the "0" looks in the "40" graphic just doesn't sit well with me - the "4" itself looks like a Clarendon-style typeface to me, so I'd expect any extensions to at least reflect it

I scrapped it already, hence why it isn't on the Christmas ident ideas I made. I thought, at first, it was a good design, but some of you think it looks completely out of place and garish.
I am going to say something here, and I hope some of you don't misconstrue it and take it the wrong way...

When I designed these idents, I was half-seriously thinking about making them as a way of celebrating a channel that has been on the air for four decades - no pun intended. I had my ideas, and they have been showcased here because I felt they were the most appropriate to you all.

At first, I knew maybe some people wouldn't like parts of this design, but I wasn't expecting the way some recent comments have sounded, and, to be honest, they did make me feel a little downhearted. I talked to some of my friends on social media and I said to them that I was seriously thinking about scrapping most of them in favour of something new, maybe something that would be more in line with the responses, but that was more out of feeling like I've done a bad job, and the work I have given you isn't up to the standard it may have been.

But, one of them said that I don't have to appease to your replies - it is more about how happy I feel/felt about my work. That brought my spirits up a little bit, and tonight, I have come to realise that: OK, most of you don't like aspects of it, that's completely fine with me, case closed.

And with that, I'll stop here.
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J. Lyric
Taking criticism to heart, but not being offended by it - The way I see it, I believe that's the way to go.
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Please don't feel downbeat on account of the reaction to your work.

Any 'negative comments' are meant as constructive feedback, and are said to try to support you and help your work to improve, not to try to pull you down.

At the end of the day, putting designs like this together is meant to be a bit of fun, and it is your work. You're not duty-bound to completely change your designs to 'appease' anyone at all. It's entirely up to you in what direction you take your own work.

Please don't let yourself get upset over something you're supposed to enjoy doing! Your work is good, but like anything, it can always be improved. See the journey of making changes and honing your craft as a positive thing.

Keep that chin up! Thumbs up
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This is lovely, and goes to show that if Channel 4 added colour to the blocks on their current branding it could freshen up presentation without having to give a full rebrand. All that would be needed are some new and much better idents than what they use currently.
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Mateus Honrado
This is actually a fascinating concept. I like this.

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