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Civilian cast revealed (December 2020)

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I wouldn't be surprised if the Netflix money is what secured them that permanent base. That said it may have been short sighted as I think with Netflix having non-UK rights there have only been three versions so far and you can't help but think if they'd gone the more traditional route it would have sold around the world and maybe bought in more money in the long run, plus also gets producers a foot in the door in countries where the production company may not have sold their formats. Indeed in hindsight not being able to sell the most covid friendly reality show to broadcasters suspending production on more traditional formats last year probably cost them a fortune.

I do agree with Jonwo though that I think Netflix would pick up the UK version as well should C4 axe it or opt not to write a blank cheque to keep it.
How do you suggest they end the series? I quite enjoyed the penthouse idea, it makes sense when it’s not being filmed live as in the past.

I'd rather they did everything over the final dinner. Save the interviewing for an aftershow like PATV mentioned with "The Inner Circle".
Although I suspect it picks up with catch up and streaming, it's overnights are pretty poor really - just 850k last night. Deserves so much more IMO.

That said it is also a show that perhaps unlike Big Brother and I'm a Celeb is still quite watchable long after it has aired. Like a few others I only watched the first series after the second, and even though I knew who won the show is under the radar enough for you not to know how it plays out or the boot order.

The main series moves to 10pm where it may do a bit better, but I think the worrying thing for C4 is they have huge overnight ratings for shows like Gogglebox and Bake Off but really struggle to launch anything off the back of them.

Not really surprised by this, the celeb version lacked the spark and 'challenge' as the civilian version. Hopefully that will be corrected with tonight's launch.
Interesting twist to kick things off, although quite a confusing one to work out how it is going to be executed without looking far too obvious to the other players

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