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Bank Balance

Gordon Ramsay's gameshow in the tardis (February 2021)

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Was refreshing to learn that the celebs on The Circle aren't getting paid considering the tens of thousands shells out on I'm a Celeb and Big Brother.

I think Bank Balance ultimately fails because it's not as fun to watch as it might be too play. Ramsey said he devised it himself and they played with a prototype during lockdown, but it's a very different experience watching it. Someone joked early on about it being "cash buckeroo" and that is exactly why it fails - buckeroo isn't designed for people to complete.
Andrew Founding member
JAS84 posted:
Weavers week on UK Gameshows has reviewed Bank Balance

Ouch. Some scathing criticism there. Unfortunately they're not wrong about the set design. They needed the cameras to be able to go 360 degrees around the set, but the category board and the outer columns prevent that, those columns also blocking the view at times. And the game is too difficult, nobody won more than a banked stack.

Its good they have picked up on the set

Yes it was not the main issue, but there was rarely a shot that got everything in, and in well. You never saw the cages that held the remaining stacks well, the contestants and host were often partially hidden

And about the game play, its like if on Millionaire you had to either answer 15 questions or go home with nothing, and that the lifelines were secret and were only revealed one by one later in the programme.
Whataday Founding member
Who pays for Bank Balance? Is it done through the BBC commercial arm BBC Studios, meaning no licence fee money spent or is it a direct BBC production with Gordon and use licence fee money?

That's not how it works. Even productions made by BBC Studios are paid for by the licence fee if they are commissioned by licence fee funded channels.

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