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The Big Breakfast is back!

One-off special in 2021 / Split from The Big Breakfast (August 2020)

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Randomly I had a dream that The Big Breakfast was back on the air streaming solely on the internet. Anyway, before TV Forum shuts up shop, I was wondering if anything more was known about this special.

I echo the thoughts of others that Maya Jama would be a good co host to Mo, and Alison Hammond would be an amazing choice for the on the bed interviews (if she could due to contractual obligations on This Morning).
Apologies if already mentioned but who will make the revival? Last I heard Planet 24 was swallowed up by Carlton and therefore ITV, so ITV Studios?
Glad to know I'm not the only one who has random TV dreams.

Was a little more announced the other day with the Black Takeover Day now dubbed Black to Front. The Big Breakfast is still happening, but no more info.

Far more here on the day itself with Celebrity Gogglebox added plus commissioners looking for a late night 11pm live show and a "family sitcom" like Derry Girls or Friday Night Dinner.
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Apologies if already mentioned but who will make the revival? Last I heard Planet 24 was swallowed up by Carlton and therefore ITV, so ITV Studios?

Yes it'll be produced by ITV Studios.
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Just thinking, had The Big Breakfast still been on air, they would have really struggled with the pandemic. It would have sucked the life out of the show, every episode would have been as flat as the Rick and Sharon era
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The house structure would have really worked against them too - not only removing the crew but I think two presenters distanced in a small space would look more awkward than in a regular studio. I think they'd have to go the Ant and Dec route and do a cohort for the main presenters.

However in the summer they could have used the garden which gives them much more space. Remote cameras for the locked on shots, which may have been the norm by now anyway. On the Bed could have the celebs zoom in from their own beds, and like This Morning has they'd just have to find a way of doing other features remotely. As you say though the lack of atmosphere would be what puts a downer on it, but had it been on air in the last year I think it probably would have seen ratings pick up as people look for an alternative to news to start their day. I'd imagine it would be a show that looked to celebrate the heroes of 2020 and looked for the positives.
I think they would have a smaller than usual crew in the house for the duration, with some sort of bubble setup. I assume (and hope) they'll still be using the original Big Breakfast house for this one-off special, as opposed to a mock version of how it use to look when the show was at it's peak, but in an ordinary TV studio somewhere in London.

I'm thinking they might have Mo Gilligan and whoever his co-host will be in a bubble/cohort for a while before the show airs, if social distancing rules are still a thing by then.

Speaking of the actual house, I wonder if the owners have managed to sell the place since they put it on the market.
Reduced to £4.95m now, so £800k off the original £5.75m.

Sadly suspect it's more likely to feature on Location, Location, Location than the revival. Indeed the interior probably isn't quite right anyway - they'd almost have to build a set inside it.

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