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Saturday Night Takeaway 2021

New series started on 20th February

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It reminds me of Frank Spencer in Some Mothers Do Ave Em, his character changed totally from the 1975 Christmas Special to the final series in 1978. By the final series he had an air pomposity and arrogance about him, and lost a lot of what made Frank Spencer likeable.

He became very self assured and indeed to the point where his speech style changed. When asked if he was Mr Spencer, he would often reply "I am he" in an arrogant tone. A complete change from the original style of the character.
all new Phil
It’s pretty common in sitcoms (see also film sequels) for characters to become more exaggerated over time. Look at early episodes of Father Ted, Doris in Gavin & Stacey, sometimes it works like in these cases, other times like in The Royle Family it gets a bit silly.

Going back a bit to another medium, Bill Kerr's character in Hancock's Half Hour was originally much smarter than Hancock, but over the years got turned into a complete turnip.

Anyway, Ant & Dec...?
They have a pretend setup of a Would I Lie To You? studio tonight, looks like the actual thing and they keep making jokes about having to contractually advertise the show being on BBC?
Very odd for them to be promoting a BBC show - not least they’re doing it very faithfully with the same set design on the screens, desks and Lee Mack as the captain. It looks good nonetheless.
PATV Scunthorpe
And yet they cover up a BBC logo Wink
Larry the Loafer and brioalex gave kudos
Much better opening tonight. I’ve only just realised the musical performance was missing, so that must help and good to have a proper opening segment.
CHUMS is back next Saturday with Cat Deeley
Larry the Loafer
The audience were almost silent when jokes were being told during the WILTY segment. Felt very off.
Have to say that's been the best episode of the series so far and even despite covid was brilliant. Great mix of segments, hilarious undercover and the end of the show show wasn't just someone singing as most recent ones have been.
For some reasons the credits said Art McPartlin and Des Donelly?
Did anyone else notice the Art and Des thing in the credit.

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