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Big Brother UK - Nikki Grahame

(March 2021)

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Whataday Founding member
I tried to locate the most recent Big Brother UK thread but it appears to be archived, so I hope it doesn't cause an issue to start a new one for this.

As you may have seen online, Big Brother's Nikki Grahame has relapsed with regards to her eating disorder, and lots of other former housemates are sharing a GoFundMe to help get her the support she so desperately needs:

Trigger warning: images of anorexia:

Bit of an odd one to post here but TVForum has always discussed Big Brother so I felt it appropriate to share this here.
So terribly sad, I hope she gets the help she needs.
johnnyboy Founding member
Oh my Lord, the poor girl - that's heartbreaking.

I really hope she can be helped.
So very sad. I do hope she is able to get through this.
DE88, Sh1ruba and DeMarkay gave kudos
Oh God, this is very sad.
Hoping she gets all the help she needs.
Desperately sad situation but also heartening to see a community of fans, participants and crew, on both sides of the Atlantic (she was also a housemate on BB Canada) come together to try and help one of their own.
I found this out on social media and I am pretty worried for her. I just checked out the page and the target, thankfully, has been reached and exceeded. The original target, I discovered, was reached within only 48 hours, which is pretty amazing...

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