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(November 2020)

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RDJ posted:
I don’t think ITV are impressed. Apparently ITV+1 cut to the cannot be shown slide during the whole altercation.

When i got up at 7, I saw online that he had walked off, so I watched it on ITV+1. It was shown as normal.
The comments about Charlotte's attire were out of order as well this morning. What does it have to do with presenting a tv programme which was suitable work attire?

Yeah. That segment made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

On another note: I notice that the episode isn't available on the Hub yet.

It didn’t make you uncomfortable enough to still describe said outfit for all of us on TVF! That’s the contradiction of the day. Lol.

Edit: you’ve edited out that comment. Thanks. 👍
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Susanna will end up having to disown Piers, like Piers did with Trump. Those at GMB who’ve all too energetically embraced the Court of King Piers are going to have a lot of Instagram photos to un-❤️ when the wheels completely come off.
Rolling News
I bet after all of this, this time next week Piers will still be on 3 mornings a week, ranting away about something completely different and it will be like none of this has even happened.
I bet after all of this, this time next week Piers will still be on 3 mornings a week, ranting away about something completely different and it will be like none of this has even happened.

Unfortunately, this is highly likely, he's done worse before
Well Reuters has tweeted 3 times in the last 30 minutes that Piers has been spoken to by ITV execs.

Rolling News
A personality like Piers Morgan has probably been spoken to numerous times about his on screen behaviour. All water off a ducks back.

The man is completely untouchable.
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This is turning into something quite more than a Piers rant. The continuing public discord between two presenters of the programme cannot be doing ITV any favours.

ITV has got to do something. And must announce their actions. If not, sends entirely the wrong signal to the audience (those who are concerned) and his colleagues, who feel aggrieved over his behavior.

A Kay Burley style period in the sin bin perhaps.

I cant imagine what its been like for Alex to sit there and listen to the stuff that Piers says day after day. Piers saying and implying certain things without saying it......and denigrating guests and commenting with certainty on issues of race when he clearly shouldn't be. And just because Alex is a meteorologist/weather person doesnt mean he isnt allowed to interject, or that he is unintelligent or that his comments have no validity. I reminds of the time Laura Ingram (FNC Host) said that NBA Athlete Labron James should just shut up and dribble ,when he dared say anything about politics and Donald Trump. So essentially telling the only POC in the room to shut up and stick to the weather has quite a nasty undertone that I dont appreciate even if it was completely unintended.


And for Piers to act like a crazy person when he is challenged or others make a contradictory statements within his space speaks to who Piers truly is... A bully.

It was completely disrespectful to Alex that Piers thought so little of him and his comments, as if they were irrelevant that he had to get up off his chair and leave the set of a live national breakfast television show whilst he was speaking. But everyone has to sit there and listen to Piers and arent afforded the same courtesy. But instead are shouted at, cut off and yelled at day in and day out. LIke the black woman and Trisha was the day before. And from Alex's reaction this was not fake, well it wasnt orchestrated by GMB staff, maybe fake on Piers part. Awful! I cant imagine how uncomfortable the workplace will be for Alex going forward.

That whole display in the last couple of day has been vile to watch. But unfortunately people like Donald Trump and Piers they are untouchable. And because the ratings bought eyeballs to the table ITV will probably......well lets just see, but im not hopeful of any real changes to GMB. People like Piers can get a stern talking to, but he strikes me as a person who never learn their lesson.

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A Kay Burley style period in the sin bin perhaps.

But he’ll whine about cancel culture if that happens. A thing that doesn’t actually exist.

I worry about martyrdom with people like him.

And this is very much the kind of thing that if it were in the GB News thread we’d be shut down discussing it.

These things are important and have wider impact within culture and we can’t ignore them.
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Shaun Linden
. The episode is on ITV Hub on Sky, complete with walkout.

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