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This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
I have to echo everyone else's sentiments about the imminent closure of TVF. It did come as a shock to read one of my favourite places on the interwibble is coming to an end. I'm glad the site is being kept around as a read-only archive, so it's not going away completely.

I have been a member of TVF, since (I think) 2001 or thereabouts, but probably not early enough to have had the Founding Member label next to my username. I do, of course, remember the big TVF server crash of 2003, and (IIRC) everyone had to re-register new accounts. Not sure what my post count was before that incident ... not that post count totals are that important anyway!

Anyway, I would of course, like many other in this thread have already done, express my thanks to Asa for all his hard work and dedication keeping this forum going for the past 20 years. Kudos also to all the moderators past and present for helping to maintain order and keep the peace when various threads have strayed way off-topic. What might seem like a rather thankless task, but at least appreciated by some of us.

I'm happy that when TVF closes, we'll have an all-new forum to go to which will hopefully be a worthwhile continuation of what this forum has been since the days when almost everyone was using IE, and some of us were still trundling along with Netscape!

This is not a goodbye, merely an Au revoir.
Can only echo all the great things many have said on here. Was a long time lurker before eventually joining here so this forum has been a part of my daily life for goodness knows how many years.

I'm sure we all have our own memories of the site whether that be the 'all the newsreaders are wearing black' thread, the discussion about everybody's favourite presentation 'Oneness' or the threads around the time of a relaunch/rebrand of a channel.

20 years or so is a great innings for a site like this and while no platform is perfect (I've never been particularly keen to step into the "Wild West" that is Metropol) I find the discussion on here is much more insightful, considered and informed that you get on most other sites. Thanks to Asa and team for running such a great platform over the years and hopefully a good chunk of those who make up this great little community will all continue to discuss presentation somewhere post March whether it be TV Live or somewhere else. There are many great posters and hopefully I in some small way have made some decent contributions on here.
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And I'd only just got round to creating a user ID. Asa, I'm sure I know your name from many presentation sites down the years - were you part of MHP-Chat? Anyway, thanks for hosting.
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I'm with everyone else... this is really sad news, haven't been this upset since TVAM got the elbow. Brilliantly simple to navigate and explore, excellent insight and often hilarious banter, TV Forum has been a very enjoyable part of my online life since the beginning. How lucky have we been that Asa created, curated and shared this site with us for the past two decades?! Frankly... he's long overdue for a bit of a rest! Thanks Asa, the Mods, the Mockers, the Posters and the Lurkers... but mostly Asa, who was kind enough to say this...

Other things off the top of my head ... Pip2's incredible 'TVF as a channel' mock for its birthday a few years ago was amazing.

Cheers, Asa

On that note, thought I'd dig them out and give them a tweak.

Cheerio for now X
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Those mocks could easily have made a whole thread in itself all over again. Still great! Very Happy

Definitely the end of an era. Though I do hope to still run into many of you again after March 31st somewhere. If not over on Twitter, then maybe you can find me hanging round SpiringUnhacked's forum instead. Wink
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Pete posted:
Greggles, NickyS he appeared on news 24 I’m sure.

Ah, I'd forgotten about NickyS. I assume it was via here that he sent out some 'save BBC Three News' wristbands, from when wristbands were a thing and BBC Three News was being axed. (I've since discovered that he sends a bunch of branded tat to friends and colleagues at Christmas so has form with such things).

He's also one of the small number of forum members I've met - I think almost all have been in a work context and I haven't necessarily always outed myself as being on here!


Wow that picture brought back some memories ... especially in the week that we got the news BBC Three was coming back on TV.
So yes I used to post a lot on TVF and can only echo the other comments that Asa is a legend and it will be sad to see it all end.
And yes I know quite a few TV insiders who would/do post on here. It was often quite hard not to post some info on something I knew but drop a few hints instead. I have not posted in a while as since BBC Three ended on TV 5 years ago I've been working in radio ... instead of 60seconds it's BBC Minute now. (Ask your smart speaker or look on BBC Sounds/ Spotify for us.)
But have to again end by thanking Asa for everything and to everyone who has posted over the years - its been fun to read.
Unusual Enterprises
I joined TVForum back in February 2021 before the website is closing at the end of March 2021.
Bloody hell, Pip! I have actual tears.

Lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing.
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Always curious to ask this, NickyS: did Clarence Mitchell ever buy you a beer? Nice to see you here.
Well... bugger. I managed a rather unimpressive 9 months as a member, with a grand total of two threads to my name.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the opportunity to have posted here at all, some good, interesting members and pleasant discussion.

Cheers, and all the best in your future endeavours.
This is really sad news. Thanks to everyone who's made this forum a good place to be. I know we all have our spats and disagreements from time to time but we all share one common interest, TV pres (and dislike of Oneness!!).
This is really sad news. Thanks to everyone who's made this forum a good place to be. I know we all have our spats and disagreements from time to time but we all share one common interest, TV pres (and dislike of Oneness!!).

Did you get the hippy-shakes when you heard the news? 😉 👋

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