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An amnesty on your deepest, darkest presentation opinions (March 2021)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Over the years on TVF you find that, on certain presentation matters, there is very much an established opinion. Whether this is how bad Oneness is or how great the original Channel 4 idents were, there are certain beliefs that go almost unchallenged. But there are always dissenters on any topic and as TV Forum is closing down, let's have an amnesty for all your deepest, darkest presentation opinion secrets. What's your presentation-related opinion that you've found most out of line with the consensus TV Forum view? Where have you found yourself deviating most from the TV Forum orthodoxy?

Some of mine are:
- The Rhythym and Movement idents are possibly my favourite BBC One ident set.
- The 1999 BBC News 24 countdown is one of my least favourite of Lowe's countdowns (I don't dislike it, I just prefer the later ones).
- N9 was a horrible little studio that always looked cramped, dark and untidy and was wholly unsuited for an international news channel.

Just two rules, no judgment and no politics.
London Lite Founding member
I was never a fan of the BBC London look from launch at Marylebone High Street, the warehouse look didn't quite work for me with the fish bowl by the soft area and the huge balcony for stand-up pres used for headline bulletins, but I know others enjoyed that set. I was happier when BBC London became more formal in presentation.
BillyH Founding member
I’m a huge fan of the 1993-6 look for Channel 4 Schools, which usually gets ignored/dismissed compared to the much-loved 1987-93 look. Great music, somewhat terrifying main idents and extremely evocative of my childhood.
DE88, benriggers and what gave kudos
Well, I supposed I liked the Rhythm & Movement idents, and I actually liked ITV's 2013-2018 look (although I'd say that's hardly controversial).

However, as a side note, I must confess that I do have the key to the TVS archive...
I think the URL above the logo on some of the latter Balloon and 2 idents actually makes them look more stylish.
A few of mine...

- I’ve always thought Granada’s classic ‘Giro G’ was a very ugly logo.
- Whilst Central’s cake animations were wonderful, much of the accompanying music was utterly dreadful.
- I very much liked BBC Breakfast’s ‘Eastern European dentist’s waiting room’ set.
I always liked the BBC Two 2 logo but didn’t think it was that iconic and I wasn’t bothered about them not being incorporated into the new idents.
I thought Fort Boyard Ultimate Challenge was better than the original UK one lmao.
Brekkie and AaronLancs gave kudos
What a brilliant idea for a thread.

I really liked the 2006 emotions idents for ITV1 and didn’t like the repetitive music used in the Ident set that took over from it.
Television Centre, The London Studios, and the Sky News Centre were all outdated facilities, and the arrangements each respective broadcaster has now are far, far superior to what came before.
rob Founding member
I really liked the Carlton idents from 1996 (and subsequently Central from 1998)...

* *
all new Phil
Pretty much all parts of the BBC need a massive kick up the arse as they are being bettered by both linear and streaming rivals.

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