Seeing as the forum's closing at the end of the month, I gathered this would be my last chance to ask.

Years ago, there was an account called "bbcnews08" on YouTube which uploaded the odd bit of TV pres or the like usually in high definition, which wasn't as common at the time. Anyway, I remember that they'd uploaded a video featuring a few bits from the final editions of Daybreak and Lorraine (pre-rebrand) in HD, namely openers/closers and going into/out of the break.
I also know that I'd downloaded said video at some point onto an old tablet of mine, but accidentally deleted it while I was trying to tidy things up. Oops...

I appreciate this may be a difficult ask as this was nearly 9 years ago now but if anyone has anything from this final programme before the rebrand in HD (or 480p at the baseline) please let me know.

Thanks again,