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News about TV Forum (March 2021)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
I'm sad to hear that this site will be closed. I've only been here for 3 years and made only a smattering of contributions, but I enjoyed discussing the finer points of the presentation of BBC News, plus other TV programming.

Thanks to you Asa for providing this service as long as you have done, especially given all the circumstances of both the last year and in general with forums becoming harder to maintain as more "real time" platforms are the norm for activity Smile

I don't know if anyone has mentioned it yet in this thread, but if there is a Discord server that anyone would want to run in replacement of the forum, I would readily join one, though I totally understand if neither the current owners want to do that, or that anyone here would want to do similar. I find these topics interesting to read and discuss, and without TVF I don't know of a place to discuss them going forward.
When I saw this I started tearing up, Just wanna say thank you to Asa for making a wonderful thing!
So sad to hear this. I’ve officially been here since 2014 but lurked here much longer like I did over before joining in 2008. I want to thank Asa and the rest for their jobs running the site. To all the insiders who have explained things. Those who have private messaged me and explained things further are all appreciated.

If anyone wants to find me follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @rkolsen and elsewhere.

Edit : Whoever takes over the archives the site I hope they still allow logins because I want to still see those private messages. Very Happy
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First of all, thank you Asa for all you have done over the past two decades! It's an amazing achievement. The hours I've spent reading TV Forum over the last 20 years have never just been surfing the net (19 years as denton, and a year before under a different name that I managed to lose the password to).

TV Forum started less than a year after I started announcing. It was amazing to find a place where I could discuss the geeky aspects of my work with others who were actually interested in it, other than in the continuity kitchen in work of course.

I've learned lots from many discussions, been frustrated by many, excited when I've come across clips of myself, and tried to gently steer some conversions in the right direction when I've know what's been on the way.

This is a bit like the last night of an ITV franchise, I'm feeling sad that something wonderful is on the way out... but hopeful that something equally good and exciting is on the horizon. I know Wink that there are plenty of new presentation discussions to come later this year, and hopefully we can all have them somewhere else.
Can the last day be a non-uniform day and can we sign our shirts? Pleease? Very Happy
Nooooooooo 😭

Been posting for over 16 years now and there won't have been many days I didn't check in at least once. Fostering the same sort of environment and community is going to be a major challenge for anyone wanting to step into the void and create a new forum.

I can only say thank you to Asa, the mods and everybody who's posted over the years.
Gutted just doesn’t cut it. Thanks for everything Asa. I’ve been here almost from the start and it’s always been a welcoming place to me. Good luck for everything you do going forward. 👍🏻
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Something else to add to my initial post.

Good luck going forward, Asa, I hope everything goes well for you in the future, that goes to everybody else who have worked on this website, the moderators and us, the posters who have contributed to loads of threads in the past.

Take care of yourselves, stay safe. Wink
Wow. Even though I visit this forum only occasionally, this announcement has hit me like a ton of bricks (as I'm sure it has for many others). While I have to admit I'm not surprised by considering what has happened over the past few months, it's still a massive shock nonetheless.

Pretty much everyone who has commented in this thread has taken the words of my mouth and (frankly) articulated those thoughts in a better way than I would have. Will add one other point though - as a media enthusiast who doesn't live in the UK, TV Forum has been a go-to destination for me (and I have no doubt many others as well) to hear about what's happening in UK TV (particularly when it comes to news coverage and obviously how much people hate 'Oneness' today). The community which this website has been able to foster that has allowed insiders and 'ordinary' people the platform to share (sometimes passionately) their love for TV has been truly special to be part of. While it can't be replicated, here's hoping another forum (where it's the one Rob is setting up on TV Live or another one) can provide a home for all of the conversations, debates and insights TV Forum has hosted for many years to continue.

Finally, thank you Asa for setting up this website - all of us will forever be truly grateful for everything you've done to foster engagement and interest in the UK media industry. All the very best for whatever the future holds for you. Special thanks also to the moderators for your hard work ensuring things didn't go completely off-the-rails at times! To everyone else, hope this isn't a goodbye but merely a farewell - here's hoping our paths will cross somewhere else in the future.
Is there a date for when it closes
It's a big thank you to Asa and the mods for everything over the last 20 years.

Just to point out that over the last 12 months TV Forum was a real oasis for some of us. It was a little slice of the normal world. Thank you for that.

At least you gave a little notice. If you wanted to play the ultimate prank you could have shut down the site in the middle of a thread about Pie in the Sky and put up a card saying ITV3 starts at 9pm Very Happy
bilky asko
There are few events where I could expect to find messages on my phone about. Probably not even a royal death would get to that level. But Television Forum's impending closure did.

As this is pretty much the only website I would visit on a daily basis, including Christmas Day, I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise.

I try and think back to how I joined the forum back in the day, and I'm not certain how I found the site. But I think it may have actually been Rob that led me here; it took me a while to join the dots, but I certainly recall someone posting on the Forumer forums requesting a logo for the Overton Darts League. It could well be a coincidence, of course, but I presume that person was Rob and I somehow found my way here from there.

Though I can't attribute my career to the forum in any way, there are lots of things that I do, or have done, that I can certainly put down to this forum.

If if weren't for TVF:

  • I wouldn't have that signed photo of Greg Scott on the windowsill. I maybe wouldn't quite have appreciated who Greg Scott was.
  • I wouldn't have found anyone else who quite appreciated the comedy value of Peter Simon and friends on the Sit-Up channels
  • I wouldn't have had the incentive to develop my skills in software like GIMP, Inkscape, and latterly DaVinci Resolve
  • I wouldn't have learnt what "tommyrot" means
  • I wouldn't have found people that I can still talk to on a spin-off of a spin-off live chatting site, 9 years after hijacking the Metropol Live Chat that had been left up post-Eurovision
  • I wouldn't know the precisely right settings to set on a new TV to ensure the correct aspect ratio and a lack of halo effects because of sharpening
  • I wouldn't have heard of the word "Shatliffing"
  • I wouldn't have found Metropol and the extremely important discussion of supermarkets on there
  • I wouldn't have BBC News on in the background just to get the sound of the countdown every hour
  • I wouldn't have started an investigation into Newsnight
  • I wouldn't have ended up in the audience of Question Time

I'm sure over the next few days, weeks, and years, I'll think of lots of things that I've done where I can point to TV Forum being the ultimate reason for it.

From the small perspective of being a part of the spin-off of the spin-off of a television forum, there are lots of ex-members who still cast an eye over the forum. Of course, two of the major parts of that site were banned from here (through no fault of their own, I may add, after all the years that have passed), and TV Forum is still a topic of discussion.

And nothing will be quite the same as TV Forum. We all know that the BBC have a hard enough time convincing people to switch from BBC One to BBC Two, and that's just a press of a button away. Whatever comes along as a next step on the journey is going to be different, and doubtless people are going to be lost along the way. Things will be run differently. Even a carbon copy just wouldn't be the same. How could it be?

In the words of Peter Simon: "no matter where you are tonight, or who you are; you might not know it, but somebody loves you."

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