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This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Very sad news, I’ve only just read this.
I have only been on this site for 3 or 4 years and have pretty much been a lurker, however I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it and it’ll be the one site which I’ll treasure forever.

When I get up every morning, this is the first site I visit to see what everyone’s taking about in the TV presentation world, and maybe make the odd contribution too if there’s post which is in my interest. I also like seeing all the brilliant mocks in The Gallery as well, seeing the creativity and character about and how they influence and replicate past, present and future presentation. Now though, at the end of this month, those will no longer be a thing. Sad

Being a presentation anorak myself, I’m so glad that I’ve found this site, which has everything I’ve always envisaged; Great members, great opinions, great debate and great discussion. And those are the qualities I look for on a forum, and this one ticks all those boxes for me.

Thank you Asa, for a brilliant forum.
TV presentation discussion will live on.

Stay safe everyone, and farewell.

Enjoy every minute of this site while you can.
I’m very sorry to hear this news, but I totally understand respect your decision, Asa.

TV Forum has been part of my life for many years, in fact I think I only missed out on the Founding Member badge by a few months! I’ve always found it an enjoyable, interesting and friendly place to visit where the vast majority treat each other with respect and decency.

So thank you so much, Asa, for your hard work and dedication, making the site what it is, and has been, over the years. I’ll miss it greatly.
- - -
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Oh this is really sad news. I might not have posted much in recent years but TVF has been the one site I’ve visited daily for about 9 years, whether I’m on a train, on a lunch break, on the loo or lying in bed. Laughing

It’s always brought me that five minutes of escapism that is so often needed. Thank you to Asa and everyone involved in the site - I’ve a lot to thank you for. Here’s to the future, wherever that may be.
Tonight's top story,

As a person who if things had plaued out differently. I would be in The World's Newsroom by now. Bit life had other plans for me. So this site kind of acted as a "sort of" conduit of which my interest couldn't die out. I remember when this had TV Home as the presentation site and all of this was just "TV Home Forum". So on and off for the last twenty years - internet access notwithstanding - I always made an effort to visit it daily and get up to speed with what is going on in the world of TV Pres and Media in general.

...And Finally.

Thank you to all of the moderators who have kept this place sane. To those who have hosted this site. And finaaly you Mr. Asa Hicks - yes I remember your name from when you appeared on BBC Choice if I remember rightlt - for getting this train going and for being there through it all. So hats off to you. Thanks You and I will try to get a few more words in edgewise before final orders.
Well I wasn't expecting to be reading this today.

I came here in 2003 and discovered a like minded group of people with the same interest as me - TV presentation. My first memory of getting in to TV presentation was when a friend of mine in primary school had a Sky Sports pencil case, we didn't have a Sky Subscription when the multi channels first came out and I remember reading the Radio Times seeing all those Sky logos in the listings and my interest in TV presentation grew from there.

There have been some great contributors here and I have enjoyed learning things about TV presentation and other bits and pieces. This forum is one of the few places where I felt welcomed every time I posed.

Thank you Asa and everyone else who has been involved with TV Forum.
It can't just be me that thought this was the recent thread on the best 'And finally' moments from News at Ten and so completely missed it for a couple of hours?!

Well this has certainly taken me by surprise! I completely understand your reasons for giving it up but will be immensely sad to see the site go - amazing to think that I've been a member for more than a decade now, and for some it'll be much longer. Like many, the Forum has been a daily visit for me for years, and it'll be really strange not having it in my bookmarks bar. Personally, I think the past six months since the purge of rota talk etc have been some of the best for the Forum in a good couple of years, which makes it even more a shame.

I look on with interest to see what alternatives spring up, but I do worry that they won't be able to keep the TVF magic. I half feel like I'm going through a slightly traumatic break-up, which I guess is kudos to what you and the moderators have built over the years...!

Thanks, Asa.
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I've been here on and off since 2006 under 3 different user names. The first one lasted a year until I got banned for saying and doing some naughty stuff (I won't say what, I was a quite immature 14 year old back then). I then came back under a different user name in 2010 (thursdayisa, then Dan S if anyone remembers), and remained until 2013 when I decided to leave. I then returned under this user name 2 years later and remained since. It's not a bad place, and has inspired lots of interesting discussion over the years and I understand it's meant a lot to lots of people, including fanatics and people who work in the industry. I'm actually quite shocked to see the whole forum go.

I was only joking in my post above saying "Good riddance". It was tongue in cheek as being, admittedly, one of the main offenders of rota discussion. Apologies. Embarassed Crying or Very sad
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Very sad news, but understandable.

One of the great things about this board is that on the whole, behaviour of members have been moderated by ourselves which has led to some great threads over the last 20 years. I've seen members who were teens when they joined become great contributors to the industry thanks to them being able to post their observations or their mocks.

The mocks section has been tough but fair. People have learned how to home their design skills with help from other members.

I know this forum since the pandemic has been terse at times, but I've always felt I could debate with everyone in a decent manner and have learned so much about the industry from those who work inside the industry and those fellow enthusiasts who have also discussed things with a sense of realism.

I understand Rob will try and continue the spirit of TVF when this place closes, so I wish him luck for taking us forward as a community and a huge thanks to Asa for giving us a platform to discuss tv presentation without the issues that other media related forums have had.
Goodness. Unexpected but respected.

Having been a lurker since the age of 11 and a fully fledged member since 13, I’m now in my 30’s and think I’ve at least visited this site close to nearly every day for those 20 years.

TV Forum made me respect and fascinate over the art of UK broadcasting at a young age both in it’s current form and in its past.

Whereas I feel the recent rules on mega threads and rota talk has erred too much on the strict side and at times appeared to be a little overzealous in my own personal opinion, I can fully appreciate and do still firmly believe that this forum has only ever wanted to get the best contributions from each and every member. And I can certainly say I’ve very much enjoyed and felt at least comfortable here for the first 19 out of the 20 years as a member on here.

Asa - Thank you so much for all you did on these forums. Your hard work has brought much enjoyment over the years to bring together everyone to discuss something we all have a common interest in - and thanks to the mods as well.

After 3,279 posts - it’s goodbye from me and best wishes to everyone.

Another long-time lurker making their first and last post. First came across the site in 2005 and, despite being an “insider”, over the last 16 years learned more about what was going on in my industry here than anywhere else!

Thanks Asa.
I’ve only been here for about 15 months, but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. I look forward to a successor coming soon, but a massive thanks to Asa for this forum, a really lovely place for discussion on all sorts of topics.

See you all around.
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