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Interesting Altercation

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Rather than getting into discussions over Mr Levy, sets or related ephemera, this evenings Look North 03/03/2021 was certainly a presentation confrontation of note and I'm not sure who put who in their place. Mr Levy arguing with the asst. police constable of the Humberside force was quite veracious on both sides. Worth a look when it becomes available on iplayer.
Mike W, South Today and Ballyboy gave kudos
Mike W
Watched it and it was shameful on PL's side.

Since this pandemic began creating legal restrictions on our lives under emergency powers the laws have changed in excess of 50 times (Source:PNLD) - the current law is clear; there is no restriction on movement for your daily exercise written into the current regulations.

While Lord Levy might think morally there is an issue; the law doesn't define that but the guidance from the government does.

The biggest issue is the police have since this started had a) no training b) ever changing rules and guidance and not knowing which is which and c) the law is written in such a way that makes it nigh on impossible to deal with someone breaking those rules.

I say that as someone tasked with enforcing it (and prior to that Engaging, explaining and encouraging...) and frankly it's just ridiculous.

Back to Levy Live on BBC Look North FM, he came across as just rude. He doesn't appear to interview, he talks over people when he doesn't like their measured answers because he wants short, sensationalist soundbites to bash whoever in authority Mavis from Bridlington's got an issue with this week.


'Do you accept the law is confusing'
*Levy shakes his head* 'Okay.'

He does understand how these laws are drafted, the ACC of Humberside, or West Midlands or a commander of the Met doesn't sit at home writing them. The government doesn't need to debate any of them as they're controlled by a parent act from last year.

I also find it very telling that he ends the 'interview' abruptly and cuts back to himself having the last word, implying that if you travel from Hull elsewhere you're in the wrong - no context or anything. It's not journalism. Fair play to whoever that ACC is for standing his ground.

To put it into context since this FPN stuff has gone live (March last year) I've issued 2, I know other officers that have issued just 2 or 3 or in some cases none.

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