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Disney+ UK Launch Date Confirmed

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New on Disney+ UK in March 2021

- Dollface (Hulu)
- neXt (Fox)
- Love in the Time of Corona (Freeform)
- The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (Disney+ Original)
- The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (Disney+ Original)

Plus, library content:
- The Cleveland Show (Seasons 1-3)
- The Catch (Seasons 1-2)
- My Name is Earl (Seasons 1-4)
- Dr K Exotic Animal ER (Seasons 1–5)
- The Resident (Seasons 1-3)
Neil Jones Founding member
Daily Fail up to normal half-arsed research standards by claiming "Now even The Muppets are branded racist: Disney[+] slaps popular show with an alert about 'offensive content' and it can only be seen on an adult account", and then "The warning is believed [key word] to refer to Muppet characters designed as stereotypes."
Following exactly the same digital release strategy as Mulan, Disney's new animated feature film Raya and the Last Dragon will be available for £19.99 (Premier Access) from 5 March 2021, and then available to all Disney+ subscribers 3 months later, on 4th June 2021.
I think I’ll wait until June for that one.
For me the factor that puts me off is the price. I may be tempted if it was around £5 to watch it, but not £20!
Yes, it's one thing getting ripped off at the cinema - quite another on your own sofa.

Got a six month free trial now so signed up, Personally I'm finding the amount of content available via the various providers somewhat overwhelming - it's kind of a bit like the situation with linear channels where you do the streaming equivalent of channel hopping and end up watching relatively little.
Neil Jones Founding member
In fact that is going to be in cinemas (where available, presumably!) and on Disney+:

I suppose though if you drag your backside to the cinema you'd spend just as much to get in, buy popcorn and whatever else.

The Mulan thing must have been relatively successful for them to do it again, though I think I said this above, when it became "free" on Disney+ I did see it, and I would have felt peeved to have paid £20 to see that in the first place. Of course one man's brilliant film is another's piece of junk so...
I was happy to wait the 3 months for Mulan, and I'm glad I did, so I'll be waiting for Raya and the Last Dragon too.

We watched the new Disney+ Original feature film Flora & Ulysses at the weekend and that was surprisingly good.
jay Founding member
I wonder if the next film to receive the Premier Access treatment will be Black Widow from the Marvel stable - it's already been delayed a year and I imagine at some point soon they're going to have to make a call on whether they continue to delay it or just bite the bullet.

The release isn't until May but I imagine further delays may start to disrupt the rest of the MCU phase 4 plans..
On the linear TV front, on the eve of the launch of Star on Disney+ across Europe, Canada and ANZ, Disney started rolling out the Star brand, which is also replacing the Fox brand on the Disney-owned, Fox-branded channels around the world, starting with Latin America (where the standalone Star+ streaming service won't launch until June, which is also the month on which competitor HBO Max is scheduled to launch in the region):

Fox Channel is now Star Channel (video from the Chilean feed):

Fox Life is now Star Life (video from the Mexican feed):

The Fox Premium channels are now collectively known as Star Premium :
Star Hits (formerly Fox Premium Movies)
Star Hits (formerly the Brazil-exclusive Fox Premium 1)
Star Hits 2 (formerly the Brazil-exclusive Fox Premium 2)
Star Series (formerly Fox Premium Series)
Star Action (formerly Fox Premium Action)
Star Comedy (formerly Fox Premium Comedy)
Star Fun (formerly Fox Premium Family)
Star Cinema (formerly Fox Premium Cinema)
Star Classics (formerly Fox Premium Classics)
Neil Jones Founding member
I wouldn't be in the least surprised if there is a huge backlog of stuff that's due for release across all studios, not just Disney. Most of what was due to come out in 2020 ended up on the back burner.

I wouldn't be surprised if movie studios seemingly live in perpetual debt, since they spend a fortune to put a film together and make it back mostly through cinema revenue (and later home media, premium TV and "normal" TV), assuming something is successful enough. This last year or so sod all has been released and while its probably safe to assume MGM, Disney, Universal and whoever else have deep pockets and can weather the storm, releasing Mulan and Artemis Fowl and whatever else on Disney+ doesn't generate the revenue. It's an idea to try and recover something but ultimately Mulan lost $130m at the box office, and Artemis Fowl cost $125m and ultimately made sweet bugger all as it was never released in cinemas. Anything it does make will be through home media and syndication.
I think Disney are willing to take the hit in order to gain subscribers in the long term. That’s why they’re spending huge sums on original content.

Artemis Fowl probably would have done poorly either way, it was originally meant to be released in 2019.
During the last Investor Day, Disney announced its forecast that Disney+ won't be profitable until 2024

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