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Now Mastermind needs a new presenter

John Humphrys is off after 18 years

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Running Late
Jonwo posted:
I imagine Celebrity Mastermind is done as one off episodes so that the celebrities don’t have to make a long term commitment.

Perhaps, although the filming schedule would probably be quite tight. I've always thought it was to do with the fact that stand alone episodes are easy to slot in the schedule to fill gaps, especially when they repeat some.
Steve Williams
Agree though the celeb version should be a series of heats and a final, though I think they now do some Champions of Champions versions.

I don't. The second you start taking it more seriously than just an idle half hour and asking people to commit to it for several nights, you lose its appeal. You have seen how they're scheduling it, haven't you?

I appreciate that it's mainly a bit of fun and for charity but as in last night's there were a couple of decent subjects so it can be unfairly balanced. Take Pointless for example, the celebrity version is pretty much true to the civilian version. Mastermind is not, and also what gets me is that the celebrity version is not a knockout competition version and you can win a trophy on the most flimsy of effort.

Why should it matter, though? It's like the London Marathon, people run that for charity wearing ridiculous costumes and walking half the way. That does not detract from the prestige and the obvious achievement of winning the race as an elite athlete. The two forms of Mastermind can happily co-exist and people watch both with different expectations. If Pointless can give out ten trophies a week, I don't begrudge Mastermind knocking out a dozen a year.

There was a quiz on primetime Saturday night BBC1 with rounds on Queen Mary and military aircraft, and regardless of the competitiveness of the format, I find that quite impressive. You never got that on The Price Is Right.
Kirsty Young or Moira Stuart
Hatton Cross
I'm just listening to a podcast featuring this broadcaster, and I'll suggest another name for the role.

He's available, plenty of broadcasting experience, done quiz shows before, former journalist, and you know if the contestant fell apart once in the chair, would be sympathtic, stop recording and tell the contestant to take five and have a glass of water.

Richard Madeley.
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Quite a few interesting names. Just to throw another name out there as I know lots of members are a fan of him as a presenter although not sure if the BBC would poach ITV talent... Stephen Mulhern?
Hatton Cross
When does Mastermind usually record their new series? I would imagine we’ll have the new presenter announced by March or April.
Hatton Cross
Civilian editions record during the spring - Celeb editions usually September/October time. But, John has said that he is ending his chairmanship after the end of the next series, so it may be a time before we know the new host.
Another news name - Huw Edwards? I think he'd be rather good.
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all new Phil
Gemma Collins.
Paul Akinbola.
Josh posted:
Paul Akinbola.

I wonder what his specialist subject would be 😱

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