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(November 2020)

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Very moving indeed this morning, handled beautifully. A sad milestone to reach.

From a presentation perspective, very well done, the piano bed at the end was a very slow/sombre version of the GMB theme I think (I recognised a few notes).
Was very well done. Scary that if they'd done every victim it would have taken the best part of two weeks.

From a presentation point of view it showed off their studio nicely. It would not have been as effective I suspect if Breakfast had done it from their studio.
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Meridian AM
From a presentation perspective, it was beautifully done. There was also a different bed with a slow violin and some piano keys, along with a black logo

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Can only agree that it was a very touching tribute.

Focusing on the presentation side (which I fully appreciate is not particularly important in the grand scheme of things), I think the studio actually looks better without the enormous credenza dumped in the middle. A little bare perhaps, but I’ve never been much of a fan of the credenza.
A beautiful tribute to some of those that have lost their lives to this virus. Whilst it would have been impossible to name everyone in that segment, they managed to balance it about right with the differing ages of people mentioned, from memory the youngest was a woman in her twenties and the eldest being over 100, it sent a clear message that the virus is capable of affecting everyone of any age from any ethnicity.

The music was poignant and just what was needed.

The studio did seem large and a little empty, but that’s what was needed to focus on the faces of the people lost.

I assume this was filmed before the programme for the fact that the desk and credenza were removed. Where do the set pieces get moved to? Into the this morning area temporarily?
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GMB also did very similar thing for a Terrorist Attack, Manchester Arena?

EDIT: NHS Heroes who had died early in the pandemic, Im still thinking they did this for a Terror Attack in the past.
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A poignant tribute and one that was worth watching.

From a presentation perspective, do we think the sombre music could be re-used should a high profile figure dies in the coming years (e.g. royal family member, politician etc.)?
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A stunningly poignant piece giving us all a little perspective thanks to the entire GMB team 😢
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Special Opener this morning paying tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Teamed with a sombre version of the theme.

Fairly appropriate and respectful, especially with his regular appearances on the show.

That theme sounds to me like it was originally designed for a Cat 1...
That theme sounds to me like it was originally designed for a Cat 1...

Absolutely. And it's the one show with a presenter who is in no way going to allude to his British Airways-sponsored trip to Barbados in December Very Happy
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That theme sounds to me like it was originally designed for a Cat 1...

I dread to think what GMB's presentation will be for an actual Cat 1...

This is probably an extended version of that somber bed from last week's tribute

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