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Rather strange seeing the totally new village layout. The first time I noticed it was on the episode aired on Wednesday, 2nd December at 1.45, 13mins 20 seconds in. Mandy, Lisa and Betty emerge from Betty's new house, next to the new post office, on the way to the lingerie party, and are picked up by Sarah. Then they head off towards the new t-junction and bus shelter. Is this the first time the new village exterior was seen?
That wasn't the first time it was seen, but it was the first proper wide shot. The previous scenes had been tightly shot in front of the Woolpack and the Post Office.

16 days later

An obvious cut to stock footage on film on today's first ITV3 episode with the supposed Osprey sighting.

34 days later

We've reached August '98, and the start of Kieran Roberts' tenure as producer - which means that a fairly eventful month and a half lies ahead on ITV3...

DE88 posted:
Quite a lot happened in the last five months of '98 ... Eric Pollard's suicide attempt, the arrivals of Tricia Stokes and then Bernice Blackstock, the burning down of the Woolpack, Butch and Mandy Dingle's wedding, Vic Windsor's death on Christmas Day... all in addition, of course, to the theme tune and title sequence changes.

I still reckon that those last two changes mentioned were the biggest ones of '98 for a not inconsiderable number of people - on the basis that while the move from Esholt to Harewood *was* big *and* noticeable for many, it's not completely beyond possibility that some viewers didn't notice at all (my mother and stepfather don't seem to have noticed, anyway - and they watch classic 'Dale and classic Corrie almost religiously, *and* pass comment during the episodes more often than not).

On the other hand, I'd be pretty surprised if anyone failed to notice the new version of the theme tune and new title sequence. From fast-paced piano to slower-paced orchestra, and in a different key to boot - and from ground-level camera shots to helicopter ones with non-characters superimposed. These changes took place at a prominent time, too - at the start of the week on which Christmas Day fell (and, as I also mentioned up there, Christmas Day itself saw a dramatic development).

I could, of course, be talking sloblock. Wink
It's not my youtube video but his might be of interest in the coming weeks to folk following Classic Emmerdale. An offshoot video released November 98 featuring the demise of Lord Alex Oakwell...
Would be good for ITV3 to show it considering we've seen all the lead up and would be a shame not to see the climax, but they haven't shown the Corrie video spin-offs (though showing the Las Vegas one would highlight how it didn't fit in the show's continuity considering Maxine & Fiona were still in Wetherfield on the main show at the same time they were supposedly in Vegas on the video) so I doubt we'll see this either.

13 days later

First episodes after the new ITV logo was bought in today, not that it made any difference apart from the removal of "for IT*" from the endcap.

24 days later

Today's second episode will be the first with the 1998 opening titles and theme tune.
Ben Shatliff
It would be nice if they could repeat the original Emmerdale Farm from 1972 onwards; it would not take long to get to 1989 with two episodes a day; five days a week.
If they started from the beginning they'd probably be pretty much through the farm era by now, considering the show wasn't year round between 1975-85, and some years like 1976 and 79 didn't have many episodes at all. We'd have whizzed through the period up until the mid-80s.
Looks like I got mixed up about the opening titles, must be tomorrow's first episode instead.
Meridian AM
It's tomorrow's first episode, James.

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