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Dancing on Ice 2021

(September 2020)

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This show peaked when Todd Carty was a contestant.
The episodes lasts too long. The performances are 2 minutes maximum and there’s only 6 in a 2 hour show. It says wonders that they can also do 10 in the same amount of time.
I don't know if this is down to ad breaks and competition and other things but the show feels really drawn out in a 2 hour slot. It takes 15 minutes just to get through 1 contestant when BBC can get through 2, maybe 3 in the same time.
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The new stings are pointlessly awful - unnecessarily sped up, and I certainly hope Paul Farrer had nothing to do with them!

Whoever was mixing the show tonight seemed to be having problems too; audio noticeably ducking and some weird phasing issues throughout.

Generally agree with others on the show in general - the graphics need a bit of an overhaul. The typeface they use for the lower thirds is dire (and I’m sure a default Microsoft font).

Bring back one of the earlier theme tunes and some nice new titles!
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Nice to see that the Daði Freyr track from the cancelled 2020 Eurovision was used though.
Nice to see that the Daði Freyr track from the cancelled 2020 Eurovision was used though.

Just like it was on Strictly's opening episode too!
Has anyone got a clip of what the theme sounded like last night?
Owen A
Agree with everyone’s points about yesterday’s show after watching most clips back. As raised earlier, to put it bluntly, DOI has a cheap, tacky feel to it, ever since the 2018 relaunch. I’m not a fan of the logo (both logo variations aren’t great IMO) which is surprising seeing as its the same person who does the SCD logo I think. The pitched music sounded horrific, like when songs used to be uploaded with Alvin and the Chipmunks pictures to YT 😂
I think the studio needs redoing, the rink just seems tiny in comparison to 06-14 and I think it’s best suited to be square. The two group thing doesn’t work also in my opinion, and I also miss harsh critique from Jason on the panel (even though he did sometimes cross the line). Few more minor points - the canned applause is too loud and the tunnel going to where the training rink was doesn’t look right at the end it just seems like it leads nowhere...let’s not talk about the golden ticket too.
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I know we’ve discussed it in the past, but why they don’t use these titles (obviously updated with each year’s celebs) I don’t know.

There’s no hope of them being used now if they didn’t even use them for the intended series though!
They’ve had those in past years, wonder why not this year?
There is just something so flat about the revival. I thought the original run, in it's early series at least, was actually much more watchable than the early years of Strictly and did it's best to appeal to a broad audience. However when it returned it just felt so far behind what Strictly had become - and it hasn't evolved at all in four series. It's problems now are exactly the same as the last three series, just with the addition of the most annoying fake crowd noise imaginable.
When they relaunched it felt, to me, like they were really trying to make a different show to back in 2014. They introduced lots of little changes (less exciting music, Torvill and Dean as judges instead of mentors, no titles, stupid leaderboard on the ice that you can't actually read, etc.) which all make it a less enjoyable show than it was during it's first run. As others have said they don't seem to have improved on any of this since 2018. The first 2 shows always feel *very* padded too.

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