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Sofa abandoned after a light comes unsafe in the rafters (November 2020)

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It's very clear ITV are trying to downplay the presenter reshuffle with a clear message that Eamonn and Ruth are not actually leaving , which is obviously the reason that their last Friday show wasn't signposted.

There is, of course, also a chance that their move to "just holidays" will be temporary and ITV don't want egg on their face when it's reversed. When Twiggy and Colleen were brought in as main hosts the "just Friday" team of Fern and John was rather quickly promoted to the full week, similarly to the constant demotion and then swift re-promotion of Kate Garraway across ITV Breakfast's various revamps. Phil and Holly won't stay forever, and Dermot and Allison may not work out long term, so it's entirely possible Eamonn and Ruth find themselves back in a regular slot sooner rather than later. It does feel like the move to bring in Dermot and Allison regularly could be an early attempt to create a clear line of succession as and when Phil and/or Holly leave, or at least to broaden the presenting lineup to more of an ensemble rather than relying on trying to push the "Phil and Holly" brand like they did a few years ago.
Alfie Mulcahy
Do they change their twitter profile image every time a different presenting team is used?
They seemed quite gracious and had nothing but good things to say about Phil, Holly, Dermot and especially Alison. They're not leaving, just scaling back, so acting as if they were would have been odd.
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Meridian AM
Do they change their twitter profile image every time a different presenting team is used?

You have to go back 24 years to Xmas 1996 to see Eamonn previously being frosty about a TV departure. Not his, but Anthea’s (right at the end of this badly-filmed clip). He has apparently since claimed he needed to get to the airport. The whole segment does seem to massively under-running with about 27 verses of the song.
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Quite ironic that that clip also includes David Cassidy who Eamonn also publicly fell out with after a rocky appearance on This Morning a few years back before his death.

Eamonn and Anthea have since made up since she was a guest on This Morning after being voted out of Hell’s Kitchen in 2009 and Ruth and Eamonn had to interview her. She’s been a guest on This Morning a few times with Eamonn at the helm since and all now seems amicable.
Andrew Founding member
I've never seen that clip before, how cringe how it went on forever and note that Eamonn doesn't let Anthea have the last word and quickly brings it back round to focussing on it being Christmas rather than Anthea's last day
Larry the Loafer
Maybe Fathers4Justice were on the way Wink
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is this morning not on till friday?
Meridian AM
is this morning not on till friday?

'Baffled', Ballyboy?

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There was a “thank you” montage featuring photos of the crew at the end of today’s show.
what posted:
There was a “thank you” montage featuring photos of the crew at the end of today’s show.

I found it crass and in poor taste considering the media industry has a huge lack of diversity. I counted nine black members of staff, the rest were white. That really doesn’t sit well with me, considering I work in the same industry as them.

The worst thing is, they've now publicly outed themselves as having the least diverse and inclusive production team.
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