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A bit curious do they still have bulletins at 8 & 9?
No, they’ve not had them for ages.

10 days later

rob Founding member
Former Grampian News presenter John Duncanson has died, aged 80:
scottishtv and Roger Darthwell gave kudos
Gary McEwan
Sad to hear about the passing of John Duncanson. A very familiar face for those in the Grampian region and on North Tonight.

Oidhche mhath John.
scottishtv and Roger Darthwell gave kudos
The head of news at STV has resigned following some serious allegations against him
I wonder if this will have any major effects on news output, I can’t imagine it will.
That was a horrendous video and wasn’t very impartial like the news should be, but then again stv news has never been the most impartial.
On a completely unrelated note, Aberdeen has changed to their dark titles which makes sense considering it’s dark outside when the programme starts but Edinburgh is still using there daylight ones(not sure about Glasgow)

48 days later

Linda Grimes Douglas appointed as Head of News and Current Affairs following the departure of Steven Ladurantaye - she served as his deputy for the past year

Also some changes to management roles relating to politics, sport and talent
Can you post any examples of “unchallenged government propaganda”?
Being able to recruit from within is normally seen as a positive sign that you have access to and are prepared to nurture talent. I have to wonder whether you'd have made a similar comment if the broadcaster and journalist had been based in London?
"Perceived issues about journalistic balance and perspective"? Who is doing this perceiving? Is there any fact in these claims?

Unless you actually work in the STV newsroom, all of this is surely speculation and assumption.
Certainly common on the internet. However the number of people who voice these opinions are a tiny percentage of the daily viewership. Presumably the people who watch regularly are happy enough.

I have a very vague memory of this but it seems to be one of the only things people cite as an example of bias. If there were regular examples of things like this, I could perhaps see it but this is one programme from years ago.

Well, “respected” is in the eye of the beholder and if the “real people” could quote examples, their arguments might carry some weight. As you say, though, these are opinions and there are many people with opposing ones.

That sounds like heresay, then. Compare that with the large number of people who have worked there for many years. Presumably they are reasonably happy otherwise they would have moved on by now.

It’s not uncommon for for ex-employees of any organisation to have an axe to grind. I can understand why you don’t want to reveal where you work and you’re obviously privy to information I don’t have but the internet is full of claims of bias (of both BBC and STV) yet millions continue to watch every day so they must be doing something right.

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