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- BBC1 refreshes it's presentation successfully - but not until later in the year
- GMB tweaks it's opening - again
- Ruth and Eamonn quit This Morning after the summer
- Steph's Packed Lunch is Packed Off
- Jon Snow retires, and C4 News revamped as a truly double headed affair
- C5/Viacom streamline their channels, push into the streaming market (think a Paramount branded service is being rolled out, although IMO using All Access makes more sense as it can be adjusted locally - i.e. 5 All Access)
- Sky News revamps it's schedule and TOTH graphics.

How do you mean streamline? I can't see Viacom closing any of the FTA channels.
Let's have a quick look at which predictions came true last year, certainly a lot more than last time:

BBC will keep Oneness, SKY will closedown Sky Two. - FanOfTV99
TVS Archive paperwork discovered in an unlocked never-seen-before safe buried in a never-seen-before skip in a never-seen-before basement at some ITV studio somewhere. - Neil Jones (not paperwork but an actual insert from a show was found!)
Steph McGovern's new show to flop in lunchtime slot, The Greatest Dancer ends after two series; The Masked Singer crushes it in the ratings and becomes itv's new mega-hit. - Custard56
BBC One HD English Regions... don't materialise, Disney closes some of its children's channels. - TheMike
Big Brother Returns (or else news about it returning in 2021) E4 or ITV2, Bradley Walsh leaves Doctor Who, more runs of Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Clarkson. - DeeMartie
C5 to show a programme they've shown before under a different name. - Brekkie
I predict a new ITV Studios endcap in 2020. Current one has been around since 2013, so surely overdue for a refresh - gregmc
TV shuts down for 5 months for "maintenance"

Replaced with 15 minutes of music.
all new Phil
Piers Morgan to News at Ten.
Kay Burley to GMB.
Sophy Ridge becomes Sky News political editor, Beth Rigby takes over the Sunday morning show (ie they do a job swap).
ITV Lunchtime News scrapped; replaced with regional show including national headlines.
Oneness continues all sodding year.
X Factor returns, presented by Katherine Ryan.
bilky asko
Piers Morgan to News at Ten.

Haven't we been punished enough?
Josh posted:
Let's have a quick look at which predictions came true last year, certainly a lot more than last time:

SKY will closedown Sky Two. - FanOfTV99

That was more of a rebrand really, rather than a closure.
Roger Darthwell and TVVT gave kudos
My predictions are...

The Premier League will keep the 3pm kick off after the pandemic is done other here. Dare I say, this is mark a return of live league football to the BBC and ITV.

Big Brother may just return to Channel 4 after the success of BB : Best Shows Ever.

BBC One will return to Oneness after using the new ident that they've been using.

ITV might keep the ITV Creates idents this year.

Kay Burley may move to BBC News or ITV News.
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Gotta agree there - Kay Burley will leave Sky News when her six month suspension is over.

Some other likely things:
> My5 rebrands as Paramount+5 (doesn't make a lot of sense to remove 5 from the name, but it does make sense to use the international brand)
> Disney+ to add 20th Century Studios, ESPN, and Star to it's lineup (they currently only advertise Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic, plus Simpsons, despite Simpsons not being the only Fox property on the platform).
> I'm a Celebrity to stay in the castle - though this could be either instead of or alternating with the jungle.
> FOX to be rebranded as Star.

Less likely:
> The Pop kids channels to rebrand under Sony's name.
> 4Music to be renamed to T4 (the name of their old teen block).
> The UTV name to be completely eradicated.
> STV to be bought by ITV.
My Predictions:
Judge Rinder to be the new host of The Weakest Link.

Big Brother to return on E4 or ITV2 with Davina, Emma and Rylan.

This Morning to get a new logo, titles and remixed theme similar to the pre-September 2009 version.

Good Morning Britain to have a complete overhaul of their titles, music and set.

BBC One to get a new logo and idents.

ITV2 to drop their Black and Teal look, becomes a lot more colourful.

ITV End Credits to stop being generic, instead using the title sequence/graphics of the respective programmes, similar to my This Morning end credits idea:

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to get an updated title sequence and use the proper length of the opening theme, rather than the 10 second version.

BBC Three to return to TV.
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I think STV could be bought by ITV. didn't someone make a logo if that were to happen?
Very W1A! 🤣🤣😁
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Rolling News
- lots of BBC News presenters leave in the wake of redundancies
- Piers Morgan goes a step too far and is suspended from GMB for 3 days
- Oneness continues for yet another year
- EastEnders is axed

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