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The trails for Christmas on bbc one all start with the bbc one in the mid screen before shrinking to the bottom third which is different to the previous could this be a clue to something new or different maybe
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Local TV is handed over to the BBC for ultra local news services.

ITV gets taken over by Virgin Media.

UKTV channels get an ident overhaul with the UKTV brand becoming more prominent.

Discovery plus comes to Youview and freeview play.
The trails for Christmas on bbc one all start with the bbc one in the mid screen before shrinking to the bottom third which is different to the previous could this be a clue to something new or different maybe

Or could it just be the usual inconsistent BBC branding? I know where my money is! 😁
Sky will either close or rebrand E! and SyFy.

TalkTalk are removing their tv boosts in 2021 and both channels are due to leave BT’s classic entertainment pack in April; once those deals have elapsed I would think Sky have no more existing carriage deals to honour so can do what they like with the channels.
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My predictions:

- BBC One to get new idents, and move away from one-ness and social distancing.
- Kay Burley returns to Sky News, but not to the Breakfast show.
- Alastair Stewart gets a permanent slot on a talk radio station.
- BBC News and News Channel to get updated titles.
- Robert Rinder to host revival of The Weakest Link.
- Colin Murray to be new permanent host of Countdown.
- Tom Allen to join Soccer Saturday as a permanent pundit (based on yesterday, I'd love to see that happen!)
Alfie Mulcahy
- New BBC One Idents
- New Sky News look
- Eammon to host more GMB
- I'm a Celebrity to reveal that the location will flip flop between the Jungle and Wales each year.
- Afternoon Live to return but from 1:30 until 4
- Newsroom live to return with Vicky Derbyshire/she gets a new show (after her IAC appearance)

Much Less Likely
- New BBC News Titles
- Katty and Christian get bespoke titles.
- New titles for ITV Evening, Lunchtime, Weekend and Local news
- Half an hour a week dedicated to local non news programmes on ITV
- GMB to get a full newshour (6-7) with new titles
Not predictions but hopes:

-BBC One introduces an award-winning new look
-BBC Two don't plaster 'Channel of the Year' on their regular idents for the next 12 months
-BBC One HD regional variations finally launch
-Channel 4 introduces new graphical idents based on their breakbumpers
-Any channels that are still SD only are replaced by HD versions
My Predictions :

RTE One & 2 both get rebrands

BBC Four get fresh new idents

ITV scraps the itv creates idents and have new ones

BBC Three Returns to linear tv with the current logo but with a refresh

the 2004 channel 4 idents return after popular demand
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- BBC One revamp their idents, doing away with Oneness, with a new slogan introduced.

- BBC One changes it’s logo after 14 years.

- BBC News refreshes it's graphics, with the titles, theme music, DOG and studio updated

- ITV rebrands completely, with sleek graphics and trailer transitions (popular in Germany) inspired by European channels, to give the channel a "more mature" image. The DOG is moved to the top-right corner following the rebrand.

- ITV News introduces new titles and new set, with the 1995 theme reprised.

- News at Ten returns to using a separate identity.

- BBC Three makes a return to linear TV, based in Pacific Quay. It replaces the BBC Scotland Channel & BBC Red Button on Freeview.

- Following Channel 4's intention to focus on All 4, 4Music is closed down, with the channel slot being taken by The Box.

- Channel 4 rebrand, with various idents with different styles and ideas, similar to E4's 2018 batch.

- More4 is reformatted as a documentary channel.

- Pick & Challenge rebrand as Sky Pick & Sky Challenge.

- Sky Pick/Challenge launch full-time HD versions on Sky & Virgin Media.

- Eamonn & Ruth move to Good Morning Britain as Friday/relief hosts with Ruth hosting Lorriane's slot on Fridays.

- CBBC & CITV become 24/7 channels to compete with it’s pay TV rivals and also Pop, along with CBeebies ending at 12am, albeit with the 7-12 hours being retro programmes.

- Discovery close their lower rated channels (Shed; Home and Health; Turbo) to focus on Discovery+

- Sky change their logo, with a cut down version of the current logo, similar to the one used in their channel logos during the 2000's.

- BBC Parliament closed down, merged into BBC News.

- Channel 5 axe 5Select, 5USA & 5Star to focus on C5 & Paramount.

- My5 is revamped with a new interface & premium content, to take on All 4 & BBC iPlayer.

- Sky rebrand their channels to coincide with the new logo, and will involve dropping the pill shape after 10 years.

- ITV re-acquire the Champions Leauge, buy La Liga, Serie A & Bundesliga rights along with rights for EFL highlights for a new sports channel, to replace ITV4.

- Good Morning Britain is drastically revamped with new titles, longer runtime, remixed theme tune and a GMB Newshour (5.30-6.30)

- Lorraine is merged into GMB, taking over from 8.45.

- ITVBe & ITV4 merge into ITV2, in an attempt to bolster it's lineup.

- ITVBe.'s space is taken over by a revived ITV News channel to take on BBC & Sky, and the upcoming GB News & News UK TV. It uses 232 (the former BBC Parliament slot)

Predictions that are less likely

- ITV bought by RTL Group.

- ITV produce more children's shows through ITV Studios Entertainment.

- Sky Cinema expands to a 15-channel network.

- ITV includes more regional slots.

- CBeebies moves to BBC Parliament's bandwidth to go 24/7 with classic programmes while BBC Four also expands to 24 hours to take on Sky Arts.

- BBC Scotland is closed.

- Channel 5 rebrands, although since C5 only rebranded this year, and because their idents now are brilliant, that’s unlikely.
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- BBC1 refreshes it's presentation successfully - but not until later in the year
- GMB tweaks it's opening - again
- Ruth and Eamonn quit This Morning after the summer
- Steph's Packed Lunch is Packed Off
- Jon Snow retires, and C4 News revamped as a truly double headed affair
- C5/Viacom streamline their channels, push into the streaming market (think a Paramount branded service is being rolled out, although IMO using All Access makes more sense as it can be adjusted locally - i.e. 5 All Access)
- Sky News revamps it's schedule and TOTH graphics.
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Jodie Whittaker & Chris Chibnall to depart Doctor Who after Series 13.

ITV News gets a full rebrand with NAT getting its own separate identity again similar to 2008-9. Piers Morgan and/or Peston to get a shot at hosting.

BBC One to rebrand with new logo and graphics etc.

BBC News to get new titles and updated graphic, perhaps a new set.

Eamonn & Ruth to get a presenting gig on GMB or else a new show on BBC One (maybe The One Show?)

I'm a Celebrity returns to Australia with updated titles, logo and theme tune.

Saturday Night Takeaway gets a new set.

ITV to try and poach another BBC Reporter. (Kuenssberg?, no thank you.)

BBC Three returns as a proper channel.

BBC Studios to start collaborating a lot more with Netflix and Prime. This leads to one of their main shows being a co-production. Perhaps Doctor Who?
The BBC becomes brave and abandons it's 'Gill Sans' blocks in order to replace them with an icon to represent the BBC's changing attitudes to streaming. BBC Three launches as an internet-based channel, poaching stars from YouTube and creating content already made by their commercial rivals E4 and ITV2. BBC Four ends up being axed, moved to online as a SVOD service and BBC Sounds merges with iPlayer to create a hybrid service for BBC's television and radio output.

Channel 4 launches "Channel 4D", a revolutionary new television channel that will allow the viewer to experience Channel 4 in the 4th dimension through their VR headsets connected to their Sky or other cable provider box. The new idents of the channel will have the Channel 4 blocks come right out of the screen to indicate it's 4D capabilities. Other channels, like Film4, will later have the 4D channel as part of Channel 4's commitment to their "Viewers First" experiences.

ITV, in response to the massive success of their new show [redacted], creates 10 new channels allowing the viewer to take different perspectives of the [redacted] contestants and vote on who should be [redacted]. CITV ends up becoming 24/7, in response to CBBC taking the same approach a few months earlier and to compete with their pay-TV rivals Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. ITV Sport re-launches as a new destination for ITV sports coverage, while ITV4 will remain a secondary channel for all sporting action, whereas ITV News also relaunches to compete with Sky News and the newly launched Channel 4 News stream.

Sky relaunches Bravo as a generalized male channel, adopting male-oriented content from Sky's other channels, whereas Ginx TV rebrands as the UK version of G4, after Sky buys out the shares from ITV. Pick ends up being rebranded as "Sky Mix" as a new cross-breed between it's viewers and adopting a similar social aspect as Channel 4's 4seven. Viewers will be able to pick certain shows they like more out of for Freeview viewership.

TV shuts down for 5 months for "maintenance"

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