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Neil Jones Founding member
Off the back of the 2020 TV predictions thread from last year:

What do we predict is going to happen TV wise in 2021?
Any channels ripe for rebranding/relaunching/closing? Streaming services? Something else?

I will open the discussion: Disney+ will expand, and I dare say may not have much (if any) linear output on TV by the end of the year in any form.
Channel 4 loses Bake Off due to Love Productions having a massive disagreement with them and it goes back to the BBC.

News and The One Show viewership declines dramatically due to everyone being outside and enjoying life due to restrictions being lifted.
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Whataday Founding member
Holly & Phil leave This Morning.
Holly & Phil leave This Morning.

I think Phil will want to hit the 20 year milestone in 2022 which is why I think I don't envision Holly and Phil leaving just yet.

I can see Ben Shephard deciding to leave GMB next year.
Meridian AM
Holly & Phil leave This Morning.

Maybe not just yet. More likely 2022, though I wish it would be sooner!
I think the programme content will continue to be 'dumbed down' in 2021, particularly with the arrival of Alison and Dermot.

I think Sky News will have a long-overdue revamp. The logo, graphics and music.
Also maybe new slots for some of the newsreaders:
The lame 2 hour News Hour should be renamed, at least!
And the seemingly only business programme at 10am should be moved to a later time or axed. I recommend 4pm or 5pm, when the UK and Europe markets have just closed, so they can reflect on the business day, before then going into the general evening news coverage from 6pm.

I also think, unfortunately, CNN International will keep on losing its identity and continue simulcasting CNN US for most of the time.
Andrew Founding member
Holly & Phil leave This Morning.

And with that you’ve turned the thread into another This Morning one where people just keep moaning about Alison.
BillyH Founding member
There’s yet another attempt to bring back The Generation Game, this time hosted by Rylan. It works and becomes the new BBC Saturday night favourite, to all except a grumpy Jim Davidson who is annoyed he wasn’t asked first.

Piers Morgan casually keeps slipping in the phrase “If I was prime minister...” to the start of several sentences on GMB, setting the first wheels in motion for a multi-year plan.

As the fifth wave of newly-named COVID-20 begins in the summer, face masks are made mandatory for anyone hosting or appearing on television. Subtitles are broadcast at all times and all live programmes are on a longer than usual delay to give them time to appear in sync.

London Live reinvents itself as a last ditch attempt to be a success, featuring a new “news bunny” reacting to the world’s top stories and regular underdressed women playing darts. While slow to gain popularity, it’s eventually spotted by some trendy 21 year old YouTuber as having “chaotic energy” for “mad lads” and “you love to see it” and subsequently hits ratings highs. By Christmas it outperforms Channel 5 in the TV ratings and its future is looking bright.

Challenge TV’s scheduling system breaks down and plays the same episode of The Chase on loop for three months. No one notices until the tape finally snaps from overuse, and the channel is immediately shut down in humiliation, its replacement appearing the very next day - ‘Chase TV’. All Chase, All The Time.

The UK pull out of Eurovision after coming last again, except it’s all a secret publicity stunt to get actual A-list singers and songwriters interested again, causing them to “change their mind” the following year and win by a landslide with Calvin Harris feat. Adele, Ed Sheeran and Cliff Richard.

BBC Four celebrate 20 Years of TV Forum with a special documentary, a repeat of Asa’s appearance on Liquid News, a clip show of the best of the TVS Archive and a high-quality upscaled 4K version of the 1999-2003 BBC News 24 countdown.
Socially Distanced Oneness to return on New Years Day (ugh), with a new set of idents to be launched in the summer. PLEASE!!!!!!
Not sure who, but I reckon one of the BBC Breakfast hosts will leave for a new role.
6 episodes of Blankety Blank to air next summer.
ITV News to have an on-screen rebrand towards the end of the year.
Jodie Whittaker to announce her departure from Doctor Who after Series 13 and potential Christmas/New Year Special.
Morning Live to be made a permanent addition to the schedules.
Alex Scott to be confirmed as new host of A Question of Sport, with Greg Rutherford and Sam Quek as captains.
Mastermind to continue without an audience.
I'm A Celebrity to stay in Wales.
Those are realistic guesses, except for ITV News and Oneness. I don't see ITV News rebranding until ITV itself does, and BBC One will probably just revert back to the standard Oneness idents once social distancing is no longer required. Though it would be nice to see them gone!
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BBC Scotland and BBC Alba to go online-only or be merged.

Reporting Scotland to use The Nine's studio.

Have I Got News For You to move to another broadcaster.
BBC Scotland and BBC Alba to go online-only or be merged.

Reporting Scotland to use The Nine's studio.

Have I Got News For You to move to another broadcaster.

Alba can't move online, there are still people who are viewing it (mostly children)
I don't know about you, but I think Vox Africa has a good chance of toppling BBC One.

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