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Kunst World News
Yeah, but they probably want to keep Three as a generic brand?

Just like "Nove" (Nine) in Italy, which is a generalist channel, although being a bit poor at it
gottago London London
Discovery own a number of main terrestrial channels across the Nordics and Poland (as in their equivalents of ITV/C4) and all of them have kept their branding and names so I'd be surprised if they ditched the Three name.
Sh1ruba Central (West) Midlands Today
Portugal's RTP2 introduced a set of new artist-made idents in April earlier this year.

There are 4 in the set with each artist making their own version of the RTP2 logo, and it includes some stunning new music by the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra and the Sao Carlos National Theatre Choir.
This may seem too artistic for a mainstream channel but, BBC One, start taking notes.

Artist 1: Alice Geirinhas

Artist 2: José Pedro Croft

Artist 3: Tomás Cunha Ferreira

Artist 4: Luís Lázaro Matos

27 days later

Sh1ruba Central (West) Midlands Today
A new year and a new name for ABC in Australia as it becomes ABC TV as their sister channel ABC Comedy is now ABC TV Plus.
Here's a look at the new presentation.
AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Why didn't they just call it ABC1, and ABC2?

Oh wait, they already did that.
Kunst World News
Meanwhile, yesterday Mediaset in Italy, with Canale 5, has scraped the bottom of the barrel by showing Big Brother VIP local edition at NYE for the first time, Inc. announcements of latest death of celebrities like Maradona, which were unknown to them..

Audience was at an all time low , well deserved
Sh1ruba Central (West) Midlands Today
ABC Comedy is now ABC TV Plus
Here's a look at the launch and presentation.
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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
So ABC TV Plus is what happens if you basically replaced BBC3 with a BBC Comedy Channel (aka Dave), then replace that with a channel which is basically a hybrid of BBC3 and BBC4. Think the promo graphics look really out of place alongside trailers for Attenborough shows.

Wasn't convinced by the ABC TV Plus rebrand and not sure about rebranding ABC as ABC TV too - though get why they've opted to do it, although the idents make more sense as ABC TV than "ABC Yours" as they previously had.

ABC News still looks great though and that promo is really good.
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speaking of aussie tv: anyone know this lil’ fella?
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Dave Founding member World News
Not really presentation related but BBC Canada closed on New Year’s Eve - BBC are to launch BBC Select in the US and Canada
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Does seem odd to have BritBox and BBC Select in the same market unless the latter is more factual oriented and airing stuff BritBox wouldn’t touch with a barge pole
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