CBBC Background Music 2002?

(November 2020)

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I've been trying to search for this background music for a while, it was mainly heard on CBBC and it was also played during the 2002 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony in Manchester when England came out seconds later...

Can you help me out a bit?

Neil Jones Founding member

The song samples Gary's Gang's 1978 song "Keep On Dancin'", and also Wordy Rappinghood by the Tom Tom Club. It reached number seven on the UK Singles Chart on 14 October 2001 and topped the UK Dance Chart the same week.
Indeed. It might be worth downloading the Shazam music app as well, saves the mystery of finding a song.
Talking of background music, I've been hunting down the name of this track I first heard during the slides on a BBC Children's compilation VHS I had when I was very young, and heard again in a Jackanory documentary from 2006, both Shazam and AHA Music haven't been able to identify it, so is it safe to assume this is library music?

Neil Jones Founding member
As a general rule if Shazam and similar apps don't recognise it, its almost certainly library - those apps are more geared toward mainstream music. There may be a small chance it probably isn't library, but you have a clean copy of that music from somewhere else, you could upload it to YouTube (as private/unlisted, you can always remove it later), and see if the copyright bot scanner can ID it. YouTube can sometimes ID library music (it recognises most if not all of the themes used in Zzzap! for example, which used nothing but library music throughout its run), but if it has speech over it as is the case in that video, it'll struggle.
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The song from the top video is called Flawless by Phunk Investigation Club.

First of all this has already been answered.
Second of all "Phunk Investigation Club" is the name of a mix of the song, and not the artist.

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