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Beat the Chasers S2 launches Sun 3 Jan

Critique Anglia (East) Look East
Jon posted:
A first glimpse at the US set. Thankfully not quite the departure, I thought it might have been still quite different to the other versions though.

An absolutely atrocious bit of green screen towards the end of that (10s)! The key is very badly done on the middle and right hand chasers throughout, to the extent you can see a green haze on the shot of the three of them stood together. There's a camera bulb-esque flash on the middle and left hand chaser shots too, and the left-hand chaser also appears slightly transparent and a bit oversaturated. God knows how that made it to air...!

Jon posted:

In many ways it’s more faithful than the Chinese version was.

Likewise, baffles me how stuff like this makes it to air. Surely they know that it looks awful?

Strange that they've kept the long screen between the chaser and contestant as a graphic only, and a horrible mix of music from the UK show, US show and then other random instrumental music. Always really grinds my gears too when a show uses the 'wrong' cut of music for a certain bit, like how they use the audio cue for when a contestant is caught in the UK version for the start of the individual chase in the video above.
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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Will Beat the Chasers be like Eggheads next series then and have one rotate out each time now that Darragh's there?

No, it's the original 5 next series. Beyond that I guess he'll join at some point once he is established.
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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
4.98m viewers last night, peaking at 6m. Pointless is getting 2.85m.

Anyone know if the regional news at 6pm is benefitting much from the lead in?
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steddenm UTV Newsline
I guessing that tonight's The Chase on ITV was part of their climate change initiative as the contestants had names such as Earth, Moon, Ocean etc.
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Not necessarily, usually they just like to have funny named contestants clumped together:

It looks like someone's bleached the Minions.
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I don't get how Keisha and Lorraine is funny.
gottago London London
Jonwo posted:
I don't get how Keisha and Lorraine is funny.

Quiche Lorraine
cal0906 Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I believe there's an episode with a Henry, Elizabeth, Mary and Tudor next week
I believe there's an episode with a Henry, Elizabeth, Mary and Tudor next week

I assume they couldn't find an Edward....
UBox Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
The grand finale of BTC Australia broadcast on Sunday night and its an interesting concept...
- The cashbuilder works the same (you're out if you get the first Q wrong/max of 5 Qs) but each question is worth $5,000 as opposed to $1,000
- Contestants are then asked to stake some of their winnings from the heats (eg. If they stake $3,000 and got 3 questions right they'd be playing for $18,000). They can choose to stake whatever proportion of their winnings.
- Contestants MUST face all 4 chasers, who give 3 offers of time and money as normal but the offers are pretty supersized ($100,000 to $250,000)

Would be good to see the format adopted over here, maybe broadcast on the Saturday after a week of heats.
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Jon Central (West) Midlands Today
Having watched some of the grand final on YouTube, I really don’t see the point of it. You’ve already seen these contestants win big and often life changing money. The contestants aren’t really competing against each other which is what a grand final they’re just playing the same game again.

I don’t like the whole business of having to stake some of your winnings, as in a sense it makes the original win less concrete as they could lose a lot of it still. It works as what it is and benefits from not being a drawn out process.

If you want to make another episode just commission one more regular one or have a special with just past winners from the daytime show.

If they decided to do it here the staking some of your winnings would have to be dropped since UK gameshows no longer allow any words that too closely suggest gambling.
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BillyH Founding member London London
I believe there's an episode with a Henry, Elizabeth, Mary and Tudor next week

Looking forward to one with a Carlton, Angela, a grampa called Ian and a grandma called Ada...
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