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Christmas Adverts 2020

(October 2020)

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In the UK, Lidl did used to try and push the German-style "lee-dill" pronunciation but I think have since given up and now play on it as they know most people call it "lid-ill" anyway (see "middle of Lidl", "big on quality, Lidl on price" and "just a Lidl further" on signage).
Veering well away from the topic of this thread - but this discussion of the various pronunciations of Lidl reminds me of the time when Murray Walker used the original pronunciation of Ayrton Senna's first name, as he describes in his Formula One Heroes book (I've changed some of the wording to make it easier to understand):

At the beginning of 1994 I decided to revert to the correct Brazilian pronunciation of his Christian name, "Eye-eerton" rather than, as the Anglicised version had it, "Air-ton". But I don't know why I bothered. After the Brazilian Grand Prix I received a torrent of abusive letters: why is Walker being so toffee-nosed all of a sudden, and that sort of thing. So for the Pacific Grand Prix I went back to "Air-ton". Twelve days later on the Friday at Imola, two days before he died, I interviewed him for TV. He greeted me with: "What's happened to "Eye-eerton"?" I was dumbfounded. How could he possibly have known, I asked him, that in my Brazilian GP commentary I'd called him that, and in my Pacific GP commentary I hadn't? He grinned at my astonishment, and replied: "I keep in touch, you know."

Wink Wink
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If you go back through a lot of the F1 commentary quite a few of the pronunciations for various names have changed. Vettell used to be "Vet Tell" for a start. I note "Verstappen" used to have a different style too, with a sliding S for want of a better description (ie "Ver Sss Tapen") as opposed to the now "Ver Stappen"). There is probably a better term for what I'm trying to get at though, but I'm not a linguist.
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ITV ran an ad throughout This Morning fronted by Phil in the studio asking is us to carry out acts of kindness, acts of kindness sponsored by John Lewis and Waitrose. They will be showing them on Christmas Day.
Coca Cola trucks just got its first airing on ITV this year.

And thankfully it’s not as butchered as usual with the Always Coca Cola on the trucks shown at the end with a message about recycling.
It was shown during last night’s I’m A Celebrity for the first time, though tonight’s would’ve made more sense as surely more viewers will be watching tonight.
Here's the Coke ad I assume we'll be getting in December?

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SCBNI posted:
Here’s the Lidl Northern Ireland Christmas advert, they’ve gone with a different one from GB:

Play spot the difference with the Irish one. I can see one change...

(The tree in the 'More' at the end does make me think of Spar, though)
They made the rear number plate of the car at the very start white instead of yellow, but that is an incredibly specific change and very hard to spot unless you really look for it and pause on the right scene and have them both side to side (like I just have!) to notice the change!

But the obvious wording in store from Ireland to Northern Ireland is the main noticeable change they've made.

The elf is also using a tablet but a fountain pen to mark it... that's not a good idea!
"Even at the home of the black stuff, they dream of a white one."

It seems absolutely everybody in Ireland likes this ad - which is why it's airing for a 17th consecutive festive season (yes, *seventeenth*). Wink

Quite a few brands coming together tonight with Channel 4 to Stand Against Racism:

Well, quite a few supermarkets, anyway. Wink

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