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paul_hadley London London
Mark Champan standing down as the host of the BBC's NFL coverage.

It'll be a loss for viewers of the shows- they've been perfectly pitched to satisfy anyone from the casual or curious fans to those who've watched for years. Mark Chapman knew how to get the best out of Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora, the chemistry between them was brilliant and often very funny.

Edit - I missed the clue as to who is taking over.....

Not entirely surprising as he hasn’t been on it in recent weeks. A bit odd to announce this after being absent for a while already? A loss in any case.
Neil Jones Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
Sky Sports Cricket currently showing an archive T20 match from 2005 complete with a plug for a premium rate text vote for the Man of the Match and no effort to cover it up.

Is that normal or would that usually have been caught by a compliance process?

Normally depends whether anybody noticed or is paying attention. Presumably they're hoping cricket viewers are intelligent enough to realise the vote closed years ago. As opposed to moronic viewers who don't realise they're watching ITV+1 in the morning and wonder why the GMB clock is an hour out.

It happens on occasion when Sky are covering a match in Australia (for example) and its like 2 in the morning over here and the commentary using a local feed, so you get promotions for "tonight on 7" or whatever and the occasional call to entry for something or other. Sometimes they notice and throw up a "entry not available in the UK" caption or similar.

Remember seeing once BT Sport took some cricket from Australia and it was quite blatantly a complete copy of what was going out down under - programme promotions for stuff coming up tonight, the occasional "go to our website forward slash something or other to <do something or buy something or whatever it was" and so on and so forth... (no adverts though, but it may have been a pan international feed). And nobody from BT Sport seemed to notice or even care they were effectively relaying promotions for stuff and events that didn't apply to us in this country.
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Jon Central (West) Midlands Today

Not entirely surprising as he hasn’t been on it in recent weeks. A bit odd to announce this after being absent for a while already? A loss in any case.

I would imagine the recent change in his personal circumstances are partly behind the decision.
A former member
He’ll definitely be a miss for his style of presenting which fit NFL in the UK perfectly (for newer fans like myself anyway).

A mix of welcoming & knowledgable, whilst not dumbing everything down. Sky Sports for me always present as if you’ve watched NFL for 20 years (which I’m sure people who have appreciate), but it’s not great for a sport trying to gather new fans.
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Further evidence of restrictions not going away fast.

French Rugby confirming today that their 2021 home Six Nations games in February will be behind closed doors.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Nice to see all the praise for Chappers online yesterday with many saying something I agree with - he is one of the best sports broadcasters around and with NFL he treads the line between appealingvtovthe knowledgeable fan and the novice superbly.
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JF World News West Country (East) Points West
Channel 4 have announced Alex Jacques will take over as its lead F1 commentator from next season, he was already down to do W Series which will race on same weekends as F1
dvboy Central (West) Midlands Today
The world feed pictures from the ATP Finals at the O2 went down earlier today, at the coin toss of the first singles match.

The BBC were able to go straight back to their studio overlooking the court when the match feed was lost, but it took Prime Video longer and we had beauty shots of the O2 and the Docklands for a while.


For Prime Video subscribers the breakdown is around 2 hours 23 minutes into today's coverage:

The match was delayed due to the power outage.
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Tennis on telly | Hello, good evening, and remain indoors.
Bit of technical insight into Amazon's forthcoming PL coverage.
That guy who does the commentary on his dogs is branching out by doing the rugby on Amazon.

He should take it up, he’s good at it Wink
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Impressive 60min buildup for the ENG IRE match on AZPV again this afternoon.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
And Wales v Georgia will be lucky to get 60 seconds build up afterwards.
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