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Channel Hopping with Jon Richardson

Comedy Central (November 2020)

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Only just found this 4 episodes in (old fashioned TV guides still have their uses) - essentially it's Tarrant on TV with a couple of guests, and a few bits of British content thrown in for good measure.

Seems to have a pretty decent selection of strange TV from around the world - other similar efforts recently seem to have relied too much on over familiar content. TLC have had some weird **** but even ITV wouldn't send in Stephen Mulhern to play a gameshow as someone goes into labour.
I've been watching this and generally enjoying it, but I don't like the last 15 mins of the episodes where they do the silly studio games and has no real connection with the theme of the show. The rest of it is good and he has some really good guests on the show so I'll continue watching
Having watched a bit more now tend to agree - a half hour show padded out unnecessarily. In a show like this the clips are the real star.

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