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Bakers incoming? (October 2020)

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Wow. I have to admit I was never the greatest fan of Oneness. However, seeing that GIF above of the cats sleeping in their bed/computer desk/sofa (sleeping in different places, where's the consistency there? Design 101, duhhhh) has really changed my opinions of the whole brand identity. So much effort has clearly gone into these vignettes, and they depict the wonders of life with great accuracy, charm, lightness of touch and not a single shred of awkward empty desperation.

I now actually think Oneness is a work of crystalline genius with a lot to say about the joy of our contemporary culture. It is art that challenges, art that provokes... it is wonderful, and it makes the 1997 balloon or even the 1986 COW globe look like a steaming turd or a garish Poundland brand of orange juice in comparison. In fact I would go so far as to say it has enriched my life, changed it for the better, and has single-handedly helped me cope through these current times. It is worth the licence fee alone. I have no need of soul-stirring optimistic musical motifs, nor something as passe as a channel symbol (Shudder) to help me 'connect' with the channel. For I have Oneness. And as long as I have Oneness, I am never truly alone.

The struggle is finished. I have won the victory over myself. I love Big Brother.

Nah, just kidding, I bloody hate the whole thing, I can't believe it was ever signed off and deemed to be an acceptable look for the nation's flagship TV channel, it's so bland and uncreative even people who work in marketing died of boredom when they watched it so I've heard, Why oh why oh why ohFJGSJLJLKHJFDGTFJHK>NMBHVGDXGFDHGHIUY&ET@TI

Do-do-do-do do do-do dooo... do-do-do-do do do-do dooo... do-do-do-do-do-do do do-do, do-do-do do do-do dooooooo... do-do-do-do-do do...

Wink Wink
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Josh posted:
Was that a Top Gear sting with the Strictly theme tune?

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I assumed it was done off the back of strictly with the car symbolising a dance, especially as it came after Tess & Claudia announcing that Top Gear is airing after show. It worked well imo.
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Looks like the bakers ident (officially called 'Bread Makers') for which this thread was started finally crept out earlier this evening into Panorama. Didn't have the recording running properly for this one for the other nations, but a clip from network can be seen on the automated TV Home:-

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Just aired on BBC ONE East Midlands now before news at 10.
Andrew Founding member
They’ve just used it into the Ten as well, at least in my region
tesandco Founding member
Yeah, just gone out across all nations too so into the 10 so I'm guessing this is destined to be another 'serious' ident then.

Edit - The 10pm junction for the newest addition from in the nations:-

Northern Ireland -
Wales -
Scotland -
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Checked Channel Islands and they went with Cat Naps - was interested to see if they had amended the caption to remove the reference to the UK again.
How utterly devoid of charm and skill. Rubbish, tedious and joyless.
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Jonny posted:
How utterly devoid of charm and skill. Rubbish, tedious and joyless.

I used to have that as my dating profile!
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Bread Makers at 7.30pm on Network and Scotland for Panorama, on Wales for X-Ray; then at 8.30pm on both Northern Ireland and Wales for Panorama.

8 days later

I bet that this year's Christmas pres will be along the same lines as this current crop of bad idents. People putting their decorations up, Christmas trees, lights and Christmas jumpers.

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