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Totally irrelevant, they weren't announcing an exit poll, anyone who'd been watching would know that the only feasible announcement was for Biden. A quick fanfare and 5 seconds of video and they'd be done. Overkill to the nth degree.

The issue was that they had the news at the time they ran the graphics, but then delayed the announcement of the name in an Ant and Dec-style to build up tension. Yes, it's not a surprise as to who they're going to say at that point, but it's news not entertainment.

Adam Boulton literally waited for over 20 seconds between saying the race has been decided and it's a moment of history.... then actually saying who they are calling it for. In 4 years time will we have live intercutting shots between the candidates as they wait to see whose name the TV host says whilst Simon Cowell watches on?
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That's kind of the point of election night programming though, isn't it? It's a bit bombastic and trying its best to add some entertainment to what's ultimately quite a dull process. It's why broadcasters usually go for big studios and fancy graphics and music in the first place.

Everything was pointing towards a Biden victory; if you'd been following the news you'd know that no one state could have taken Trump over 270, so why not have a bit of fun with the call and add a few seconds of tension to it? It was massively OTT but I think it's fine to be a bit The Day Today at an election.

For reference, here's Sky's call for the 2019 general election:
Similar sequence, well signposted but still making you wait before it appears on the flashy graphics.
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mark Founding member London London
I thought Sky's call looked beautiful and I can't fault it creatively. However, I agree that the way it was presented as a 'big reveal' with a dramatic build-up didn't quite work editorially - it just felt like they were trying to tease us about something we already knew.
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Julia Chatterley is on CNNI, it's pretty much back to normal business today
Tennis on telly | Hello, good evening, and remain indoors.
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I don’t blame Sky for wanting a *moment* but in practice, much like 2019, the pacing is just weird - you can’t build tension like an exit poll reveal to a foregone conclusion - feels like a quick jib shot over to a VR graphic would’ve had made a better impact than that excruciating silence.

All very petty of me though - they put out a great looking programme/marathon.
The ratings for the Biden acceptance speech are in

network/total/demo #

CNN– 13,608,000 / 5,373,000
MSNBC – 8,528,000 / 2,321,000
CBS – 5,632,000 / 1,701,000
ABC – 4,385,000 / 1,357,000
Fox News – 2,964,000 / 814,000
I'm here to give you something to talk about! You're Welcome.
The ratings for the Biden acceptance speech are in

network/total/demo #

CNN– 13,608,000 / 5,373,000
MSNBC – 8,528,000 / 2,321,000
CBS – 5,632,000 / 1,701,000
ABC – 4,385,000 / 1,357,000
Fox News – 2,964,000 / 814,000

Can't help but feel amused that Fox News rated the lowest for the cable networks.
mark Founding member London London
I'm surprised that so many more people watched it on news channels than network TV (which I now see was the case on election night too).

I'd always assumed that network TV would have a bigger audience - much like how BBC1 and ITV have much bigger audiences for general election coverage than the news channels.

It's really interesting to see how viewing trends have shifted in just over a decade. ABC and NBC had less than half the number of viewers this year that they had in 2008. In 2008, NBC had more than twice as many viewers as MSNBC, but this year they had more than 1.5m fewer than MSNBC.

Election night 2008 (8-11pm) - total viewers:

ABC — 13,135,000
CNN — 12,292,000
NBC — 12,018,000
FNC — 9,027,000
CBS — 7,829,000
MSNBC — 5,888,000
FOX — 5,137,000

Election night 2020 (8-11pm) - total viewers:

FNC– 13,638,000
CNN– 9,084,000
MSNBC– 7,310,000

ABC – 6,095,000
NBC– 5,792,000
CBS– 4,344,000
FOX – 3,278,000

As for Fox news coming 5th for Joe Biden's victory speech, I guess it wasn't exactly what most of their viewers wanted to see.
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Nice closing yesterday
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Nice closing yesterday

Very nice roundup. Bit of a shame it's not filling the frame, though.
Jamesypoo Anglia (East) Look East
I caught that too. Shame it's just the same piece of music repeated three times rather than one longer piece!
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A quick update on the last few states still counting, featuring... double magic walls.


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