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Universal_r Recently warned Central Reporting Scotland
I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed with bbc news’ coverage today it’s been double headed for the majority of the evening, a lot of on the ground reporting which is good. It would be even better if we don’t go to standard bulletins overnight.
bkman1990 UTV Newsline
Here is a small sample of the RTÉ US Election 2020 graphics on twitter.

TMD_24 Anglia (East) Look East
Annnd Wolf Blitzer is now back on at 6pm US time!
Does Graham Norton have Norton Security installed on his computer?
bkman1990 UTV Newsline
And Chris Cuomo & Don Lemon have now appeared for their shift on CNN earlier than expected. I thought they weren't out until 5am.
Dave Founding member World News
Sky need to stop the endless loop of state declarations - it’s just really distracting having it swiping on screen every 10 seconds.

It’s like somebody has a PowerPoint presentation and selected fly in and apply to all for slide transitions.
Inspector Sands

There were multiple reports of that before the election in 2016, in fact I think there was even an advert in newspapers recruiting staff for it.

There is a persistent theory that Trump TV was part of the Plan A last time round - that he didn't want to be president and instead was using the election campaign to whip up a following and therefore an audience for it plus other ventures.
It kind of makes sense - he'd have a nice little earner and influence and people to listen to him, without the responsibility of president. However it's a long and expensive, and risky way to do it.

As for Trump TV in 2021, there's obviously an audience for it, but of course it's success depends on what happens to him. It would need some financial backing, and I guess it'll be interesting to see what happens in the next 2 months and who will start to distance themselves from him
UTVLifer Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Kay Burley is presenting the breakfast show on a weekend. Is there anyone in London?
Markymark Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
Kay Burley is presenting the breakfast show on a weekend. Is there anyone in London?

Yes, Stephen Dixon has been conducting the paper review segment
Avatar credit: © BBC, ITA, BREMA 1967
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
CNN appearing to be ready to call the Election in the 9am EDT hour (1400 GMT) following latest batch of Pennsylvania ballots due shortly after 9am EDT.

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mark Founding member London London
As well as the regular New Day team being on CNN today, there's a rare Saturday edition of Morning Joe on MSNBC.
scottishtv and London Lite gave kudos
JKDerry UTV Newsline
CNN must have had a huge boost with this election? Does anyone know how well they have done ratings wise in the states?
UTVLifer Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Is it fair to say the UK Broadcasters didn't foresee the election coverage needing to continue this far on from election night itself - Sky are back with their normal music and on the balcony overlooking Capitol Hill, quite a few of the ITV News/ITN people are coming back or have already and Emily Maitlis said on Americast that she's coming back even though there hasn't been a result yet...

At least the BBC has the likes of Katty Kay, Jane O'Brien and Laura Trevelyan based out in the states and that it looks like Sky News' teams will stay until a result, given that every presenter/producer/correspondent for all the broadcasters will have to do the 2 weeks quarantine upon their return.

I wonder who'll be presenting ITV News at Ten as Tom, Julie and Rageh will all be in isolation for 14 days plus Ranvir's doing GMB and SCD?
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