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Ballyboy Recently warned UTV Newsline
Don’t see why they scrapped the morning news
London Lite Founding member London London
Don’t see why they scrapped the morning news

Considering ITV own the Channel 3 breakfast franchise which has news and topical output from 6am, it no longer made sense to have an early morning bulletin which is then followed by a ITV produced bulletin at 6am, which is then followed with opinionated current affairs discussion.
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
The Morning News lasted far longer than I think many thought it would. It effectively returned though with the GMB 6am half hour this year.
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excel99 Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
DH33 posted:
In the latter years they used NBC reports not CNN I believe. Faye Barker was the last presenter when they cancelled the early morning news

Both NBC and CNN reports were used

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