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New BBC One ident

Bakers incoming? (October 2020)

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Neil Jones Founding member

I didn't know we could embed inline video using the IMG tag! This changes everything.

EDIT: Ah, it might only work in Safari.

You can also use the Media tag:

Yes but that doesn't autoplay/mute/loop it so it looks like an animated GIF.
Yes but that doesn't autoplay/mute/loop it so it looks like an animated GIF.

I laughed all the same
Radio Newcastle had a "guess the year" 90s slot yesterday afternoon. Anorak ears pricked up when, in between songs, the familiar BBC1 Balloon jingle blasted out the speaker, commanding instant attention.

A 2017-2020 equivalent clue wouldn't be possible and that's just sad.
tesandco Founding member
I did spot a new animated Oneness sting for Children In Need going out in the 12.15 junction today. Perhaps this was meant to have been put in the system last night, and someone prematurely put that baking one in (which we can presume is for the next ident) by mistake.

* *

Certainly makes a nice change from the 'zoom call' style stuff in the regular pres at the moment.

Edit - More of the animated style that they're going for with Children in Need this year, and which this sting has been based off can be seen in one of the promos -

Edit 2 - They also seem to be plugging the 6pm programme a lot today as it has a Children In Need special of Countryfile scheduled in. May be worth keeping an eye on this junction for any new idents appearing too.
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Rexogamer and natwel27 gave kudos
What a lovely sting.
Collectively helping to raise money to help those in need is surely a true meaning of oneness.
To be honest, Children in Need is the true definition of 'oneness', not "standing there representing the nations no.1 broadcast television channel."
tesandco Founding member
As I predicted earlier, the new Children In Need ident aired into the 6pm junction today, based on the same style as seen in the sting this morning.

* *

* *
Northern Ireland

* *

* *
Scotland (long playout)

Where this leaves us with regards to the bakers one is anyone's guess though!
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This really doesn’t work well alongside the rest of BBC One’s presentation and idents. There’s far too much creativity and effort gone into it. Could they not have filmed something on an iPhone 4?
This is actually a really nice ident in my opinion, but as mentioned it doesn’t fit at all with any of the other ones.
I wonder if we can expect something similar as the Christmas ident?
Was that a Top Gear sting with the Strictly theme tune?

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