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Harry Gration to leave Look North

Split from The Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Thread (October 2020)

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Just been listening to Harry on BBC Radio Leeds, it sounds like he's hosting the programme live from South Yorkshire now tonight, so the celebrations might be slightly compromised

Harry has confirmed he'll be in Barnsley for the 18:30 bulletin. His appearance on the NC is coming from the look north studio however so they may have recorded the farewell piece earlier this afternoon.
It was Live.

The fact that it’s an OB, presumably outside, probably outside Barnsley Town hall, it might enable more people to show up to give him a send off. Somebody mentioned Dickie Bird earlier, he lives in Barnsley so he may well show up! Lol
Hatton Cross
I can't be the only one rather uncomfortable with the thought that in the current social distancing guidelines, and that area hovering between level 2 and 3, for an OB and asking people to turn up to 'say goodbye', might not be the best idea?
harshy Founding member
Yeah I agree sounds a bad idea to me sadly it’s not normal times Sad
Sorry, I suggested one or two ex colleagues etc might turn up rather than a public send off. It wouldn’t be bending the rules. I’m not actively advocating it, just guessing it could possibly happen.
Steve in Pudsey
I'm sure he's in Barnsley because South Yorkshire has just gone into Tier 3 and that's where the news is today.
I'm sure he's in Barnsley because South Yorkshire has just gone into Tier 3 and that's where the news is today.

I think we know that clever Harry. Wink (no pun intended)
Manclad these days but very much Barnsley born & bred.😉
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harshy Founding member
And that is that, an end of an era, even Paul Hudson got emotional there, under the circumstances, a nice send off to a fine gentleman and fantastic broadcaster.
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RDJ posted:

Is that Marr show branding they’ve used behind Harry’s photo, as seen in the thumbnail image? Seems odd.
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There was a mention of Harry's retirement on Look Levy.
That does make sense, as he would be familiar to older Yorks & Lincs viewers from before the North region split in two. Remember, Hull only launched 18 years ago.
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