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Davina and Rylan to front Big Brother show for E4

"Best Shows" to air this year marking 20 years of BB (May 2020)

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It is a brilliant show in the right hands. It was never in the right hands at C5, hence why I'd agree with your last point.
It was the same production company making the show on both channels, so surely they are just as much to blame as Channel 5?

I’d argue BB never got the break it needed. And it just got totally eclipsed by Love Island, which is a much more modern, watchable format. Watching Big Brother afterwards, it seemed so unglamorous and old hat in comparison.

It’s ironic because Love Island is of course the core Big Brother format with various twists on it, but those twists are what make it work.

Big Brother’s problem is that it has a core fanbase that want it to be the same show as it was 15-20 years ago, but in a TV climate that has moved on a long way since then. The producers end up caught in the middle and please nobody.
Big Brother is just people living in a house together. I just don’t think that is exciting enough these days to be the format.

Love Island, The Circle, Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach, even on The Apprentice they live together.

Love Island works because it has another focus, the fact they all live together is just a by-product.
I still wonder why they never tried the US format in the UK. I enjoy US BB so much more than the UK one.
A great article - or collection of quotes to be more precise - on 20 years of BBUK.

15 days later

Worth noting that the old Channel 5 Big Brother YouTube is now called... Transfer Transfer?
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Transfer Transfer to Channel 4
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The Google account it is registered against has had the name changed so it is being moved to another account and this was an easier way of identifying it I suppose. Wonder why they are moving it? Was the BBUKK Twitter handle transferred back to Channel 4 for their 20 year show on E4 or who is running it now?
Inspector Sands
Is it an Endemol run/owned account? If so maybe its being transferred or moved into Banjay?
Is it an Endemol run/owned account? If so maybe its being transferred or moved into Banjay?

I think this is the most likely explanation. They're merging a lot of Banijay and Endemol departments together and it makes sense that the digital teams are being combined.

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