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Right back into the 1980s and the part of the day we call lunchtime...
In 1980 Radio Times didn’t list the Midday News presenters Merely the weather forecasters (the time was flexible between 12:30 and 13:20 it seems...)!
So we hurtle into 1981 and only from September onwards with News After Noon:
Richard Whitmore 69
Moira Stuart 69
Jan Leeming 1
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News after noon 1982:
Moira Stuart 217
Richard Whitmore 192
Linda Alexander 15
Jeremy Thompson 10
Ian Ross 7
Mike McKay 5
Margaret Hounsell 5
Peter Day 5
Ian Smith 5
Jan Leeming 3
Michael Buerk 2
Richard Baker 2
John Humphrys 1
Frances Coverdale 1
Rolling News Central (East) East Midlands Today
Jeremy Thompson! I want to see a clip.
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You may see a few familiar names, as well as some... who??? Maybe names you forget started their screen career with BBC News...

News after noon 1983:
Richard Whitmore 199
Frances Coverdale 35
Fern Britton 28
Vivien Creegor 26
Sandi Marshall 23
Heather Payton 22
Noreen Bray 20
Michael Cole 19
Jane Franchi 18
Anne Diamond 17
Judi Lines 17
Judith Stamper 10
Michael Buerk 2

A fairly strange year... Richard Whitmore presented most editions with Michael’s Cole and Buerk covering him and until November a rotation of female co presenters who seem to do a month or so each until Frances Coverdale settles down as co presenter
Rolling News Central (East) East Midlands Today
No Moira Stuart in 1983?
mccanmat London London
News after noon 1984:
Frances Coverdale 210
Richard Whitmore 196
Moira Stuart 33 (returned after launch of 6 o clock news)
Chris Lowe 16
Michael Cole 15
Sandi Marshall 12
Phillip Hayton 10
Michael Sullivan 5
Jan Leeming 1

On 23rd Oct two editions were listed, the second At 12:58
by David Dimbleby at Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace
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No Moira Stuart in 1983?

Moira was lead anchor on evening news in 83
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News after noon 1985:
Frances Coverdale 162
Richard Whitmore 150
Moira Stuart 97
Michael Cole 31
Chris Lowe 13
Julie Carter 6
Ed Mitchell 5
Laurie Mayer 3
mccanmat London London
News after noon 1986:
Richard Whitmore 146
Frances Coverdale 92
Moira Stuart 78
Sue Carpenter 40
Laurie Mayer 14
David Davies 10
Chris Lowe 9

Last edition on 24 Oct with Moira and Laurie
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Starting from October 1986... the One O’Clock News 1986:

Martyn Lewis 44
Phillip Hayton 2
mccanmat London London
One O’Clock News 1987:
Martyn Lewis 121
Michael Buerk 57
Phillip Hayton 36
Debbie Thrower 8
Julia Somerville 7
mccanmat London London
One O’Clock News 1988:
Michael Buerk 161
Phillip Hayton 68
Martyn Lewis 21
Laurie Mayer 1
Nicholas Witchell 1
Moira Stuart 1 - bank holiday

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