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That doesn't make sense. Or are Sky liars? Quote from page 29 of this thread.
It seems Sky will be the exclusive home for Love Nature content in the UK with the Love Nature channel on Virgin closing.

Sky have also signed up to be the exclusive UK broadcaster for Love Nature content
"Exclusive" should mean no longer on Virgin.

Then it’s probably a longer-term thing, maybe it will be exclusive from the end of Love Nature’s carriage contract with Virgin. Or perhaps new programming will only appear on Sky Nature, with old programming continuing to air on Love Nature until it closes.
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Sky Nature's promo
Very on point for the channel, I can expect the channel idents to involve the mish-mash of animal stock footage before the logo reveal.

As for Sky History, their branding will be just like History's in the States but with the new condensed version of the Sky corporate font featured.
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I've found both Sky Nature and Sky Documentaries on the manual tuning. Originally Sky Nature was showing a loop of the first part of the David Attenborough Galapagos documentary from a few years ago, but both are now testing with a 'normal' schedule run.

Also found along side Sky Nature is a HD version of (Sky) History 2, which I assume will launch tomorrow as well.
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Does anyone know when the channels launch? morning, afternoon, or a specific time?


Launch day schedules:

Sky Documentaries
12pm Too Young to Die
1pm Fish Town
2pm The Fall
3.45pm My Icon
4pm Discovering Film
5pm The Directors
6pm Urban Secrets
7pm Too Young to Die
8pm The Real Chernobyl
9pm McMillions
10pm McMillions
11pm Ice on Fire

Sky Nature
12pm David Attenborough's Galapagos
1pm Zambia Untamed
2pm Wildlife Icons
3pm Into the Wild: Colombia
4pm Africa's Underwater Wonders
5pm Rooted
6pm David Attenborough's Galapagos
7pm Gangs of Lemur Island
8pm The Big Dry
9pm Africa's Wild Horizons
10pm Zambia Untamed
11pm Gangs of Lemur Island