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Yes, before they started broadcasting in widescreen, Sky would often show 16:9 programmes in 4:3 centre cut-out, not even 14:9, unfortunately. Take a look at this from Harry Enfield's Sky sketch show - the first sketch was obviously framed for widescreen so looks really off in 4:3.

For comparison (from the compilation DVD)

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Another thing I remember about Harry Enfield's Brand Spanking New Show, when we went to Spain in 2001, one of the things they showed on the plane was a compilation of sketches from the show- but strangely without the laugh track. Which just helped highlight how poor the show was.

Strange thing a couple of the shots over the end credits of that episode posted show the audience. Presumably some sketches were made with one, and some without one and the latter are the only ones they used in that compilation.
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I can’t remember where it was reported, but Harry Enfield by his own admission said that his Sky show was very rushed, largely due to the time spent filming and putting together Kevin and Perry Go Large, which was released in the same year. Originally his show and Time Gentleman Please were originally commissioned for Sky Premier before they chose to put them on Sky One instead, I’m not sure why they did that.
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I seem to remember reading they were going to make it into a HBO-style premium channel with a mix of movies and original shows. Then for whatever reason changed their minds late on. Maybe they decided it wouldn't really work over here. I certainly can't see Harry Enfield and Al Murray making people rush to subscribe, it's not exactly The Sopranos or Sex And The City, is it?

David Baddiel had an awful sitcom on Sky One around the same time too, I wonder if that was intended from Premiere too? No wonder they gave up on the idea if a substandard Harry Enfield sketch show and a dire David Baddiel sitcom is the best they could come up with.
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I assumed the whole thing was an ITV event but it continued online after they dropped it in 2005 and it went on until 2012. Any idea which company organised that, the article is vague?


It was actually organised by The Tip Sheet, a industry publication run by J*n*th*n K*ng (I had a job interview for it in 2000, and thank God I never got it), and I think they'd run it in their pages beforehand. The publication continued after King had to, cough, go away, run by his brother.

Uncomfortably for ITV ISTR they had to include King's name in the closing credits in the years when he was in prison