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The six episodes chosen show how reliant they are on the Dingles with 5 of them featuring them, and the sixth being Jimmy and Nicola.

What's the problem with being "reliant on the Dingles"? They're all different characters, they just happen to be in the same family, which is something the writers have chosen to do because it creates more story possibilities.

Was an observation rather than a criticism - just highlighted to me what a prominent role the extended family now has in the show. For what it's worth I think Emmerdale have managed the Dingles far better than say Hollyoaks has with the McQueens or EastEnders with the Slaters.

ITV were having to rebuild their autumn schedule from scratch anyway having pulled The X Factor.

I actually think pulling X Factor this year for ITV has been a blessing in disguise for them.

This I would say is likely to pave the way for the Britain’s Got Talent Finals to take place on Saturdays through the Autumn. They’ve got the talent and the acts ready and an overdue Final, so it’s the perfect set up for it.

A few factors could affect it though. Obviously whether by September/October it is feasible for such a show to take place as per the government guidelines at the time. Whether Ant & Dec are going to be available for the majority due to I’m A Celeb commitments (however IAC is likely cancelled this year I suspect).

And if there’s any reason why BGT can’t air then they could just go with The Voice Finals if that’s a possible alternative.

I think social distancing means now if BGT does go ahead it may have to go ahead weekly anyway so the show is only having to deal with one batch of contestants at a time rather than having all 40-45 down for the week. Still along way to go before September but if Strictly does go ahead as well that'll be interesting.

As for The Voice - a huge criticism of the show has always been the acts don't get the airtime to connect with the viewers so I'm not sure it can survive as long a delay as BGT in between the record and live stages. Personally I'd say as it is only two scheduled live shows that ITV should get them in the schedule once BGT ends and do them remotely. Idol have shown a decent enough show can be produced, although pre-recording the performance element, and considering it is all supposed to be about The Voice after all stripping it back to basics should work in it's favour.
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Doubt Masked Singer USA will be centre of primetime. 6pm seems more likely but agree it won't do well. Doubt it'll last at 6pm for 13 weeks.

It reminds me of when Popstars was a hit, and ITV quickly rushed out the Australian and Irish versions, the former on Saturday teatimes and the latter as part of SMTV, but neither were particularly popular. Mind you, the British version came about after Nigel Lythgoe watched the Australian version when he was on holiday.

Imported versions of entertainment formats that already exist here just don't tend to hold people's interest - especially on the main channels. Usually rights for that kind of thing bounce around various different channels when they don't succeed or get dumped very late at night.

ITV2 seems to have had the biggest success of the bigger channels (still not one of the proper biggies though) with American Idol and Americas Got Talent for a few years, both eventually shuffling off elsewhere though. Hells Kitchen USA too, although perhaps that benefitted from the UK version long being dead and Gordon Ramsey being a pull, as C4 also love a bit of Kitchen Nightmares US
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Emmerdale is back filming six lockdown episodes with pairs of characters on set in two handers, pretty much all featuring the Dingles. Seems the best way to bridge the gap between fiction and reality with episodes effectively filling in the gaps of the last few weeks.

Excellent news. This should stop the show going off air for a while anyway. I'm glad 2 of my favourites Aaron and Chas are included in this although not together.

The six episodes chosen show how reliant they are on the Dingles with 5 of them featuring them, and the sixth being Jimmy and Nicola. I'm not fully up to speed on Emmerdale and I know the storyline is playing out over the next couple of weeks but I'd have thought Jamie and Andrea would be an obvious one to do as a couple splitting up, but stuck together in lockdown. Even he's having an affair with a Dingle though.

Jamie and Andrea haven't been seen in Emmerdale for a few episodes - im not sure if they are on the holiday that they were talking about or if they haven't gone yet, with it being 3 episodes a week the pacing is all over the place. Aaron and Chas are my favourites in the show but im not keen on most of the other Dingles tbh - I don't mind Cain and Belle though.
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Laurel and Jai and David and Jacob two obvious other pairings who have storylines which would be under further strain under lockdown, though let's face it all soap families have issues to deal with.

The ones in the main Dingle house will be interesting as they're are presumably still at least half a dozen people living in a one up, one down.
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The Clap for Carers was a great thing to start with, but it is all about the mental attitude apparently, the thinking is the more they keep the clap each week, the more the public think the situation is not getting better and we are not moving forward but are stuck, so this is the reason why they are considering ending it after next week, especially as restrictions are very slowly being eased.

A sense of "normality" is apparently they want for the public - something which I doubt will happen any time soon though.
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There is a point where we have got to where we all know and appreciated and love our NHS and care workers - that goes without saying - they don't need this never ending clapping session. It was a good thing at the start of this pandemic, but after so many weeks it is time to end it.