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The graph was perfectly simple to understand. Whilst the explanation of the graph could have been simpler it has to be said that much of the public have had little to do over past few weeks. The least they could have done is take the few minutes to familiarise themselves with the R rate and what it means. The BBC News and other channels have explained it many times also. It really isn’t rocket science.

Another case of if you want to be obtuse and offended you’ll go out of your way to be so!
So it is casually suggested that the use of graphs and terms like 'the R rate' may have made the overall message less clear to some viewers and you respond with...

Another case of if you want to be obtuse and offended you’ll go out of your way to be so!

Ironic that you seem to feel so outraged by this minor notion given the nature of your comment being about people going out of their way to be offended.

For an address like tonight's, I would think that they would want it to be absolutely crystal clear to everyone watching exactly what their plans are, and what their latest advice is. Evidently some of you disagree, but for me, this could have been clearer.
All the graph needed was a labelling of the y-axis. I would assume it is daily infection rate or daily death rate, but if the government are going to use slides in official briefings and broadcasters there needs to be no assumption about them.
What a farce this messaging and the broadcast has turned into! It's almost as if the Cabinet want a 2nd wave (aka a repeat of what happened during the Spanish Flu in 1918) to happen!
Asa Admin
Yet again, this is not the place to dissect what was said.

And certainly not the place to make some bizarre sweeping statement about people on this site.

Keep to television discussion please.
I still worry BBC2 viewers who go to bed before Newsnight (and have lost their remote, and their mobile) have no idea what is going on.

What did the BBC do radio wise with tonights announcement (and the previous one) - I'm guessing it was on Radio 4 & 5 but what about Radio 1, 2 and 3 and local radio?
Radio 4 pushed its classic Archers back to 8pm for a special edition of PM at 8pm.

I have checked listings and it seems BBC Wales are not taking the BBC News Special post PM's announcement. Instead a special edition of Wales Today. The only region to not follow suit.

Why was the statement even shown in the Nations if the new rules only apply to England?
dvboy posted:
Radio 4 pushed its classic Archers back to 8pm for a special edition of PM at 8pm.

All I know of Archers is that it’s a wildly successful radio soap opera, are they out of episodes or are rerunning of classic episodes regular thing (or new to make the previously recorded episodes last longer like the US soaps are doing by airing classics on Fridays)? A radio show seems like it could be the type of think someone could do from home, either they could have the voice over artists record lines individually or record scenes as a prerecorded radio show with people dialing in on a VDSL line with those in the scene.
Steve in Pudsey
They have now run out of episodes. I think they reduced the number broadcast each week to try to stretch them out a bit further.

They are playing out classics for a few weeks until they have enough new episodes ready to go. They are recording remotely with fewer cast members than normal, so that will have taken some rewriting. I imagine it's taken some time to get it to sound good too.
Inspector Sands

Is this real? Was Victoria reading-out a viewer’s comment, or was this her own?

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