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No Hwu just seemed to confirm on The One Show he is on the ten

Hwu definitely isn’t. Huw might be but I’ve watched again and can’t see where he said this.

Right at the beginning of the show. He said "no desk, no suit, no tie - that'll have to come on later on for 10" therefore I took it that it was 98% likely that he would be presenting the Ten tonight. I had my slight doubt as presenters of Six have been presenting Ten. Fiona did the Six today but, given that she was also then said to be appearing (and indeed did appear) on the One Show, I thought it less likely it would be her and, due to what Huw said, that it would be him - I don't know what my 2% doubt was about or, in hindsight, why I had it.
TVNewsviewer210 posts since 10 Aug 2014
Central (West) Midlands Today
It was actually announced June last year that they were going to move the Bank Holiday:

I know - and then 11 months later I forgot they had made the announcement! That's why I got confused when 4th May wasn't a Bank Holiday - they pushed it back rather than bringing it forward from 11th. I thought it was odd for the second Monday in May to be a Bank Holiday. In the end, for me, it didn't make much difference as I'm currently at home regardless of what day of the week it is! Even the Government Minister on the Coronavirus update yesterday seemed to be referring forward to Monday when he warned not to go out on a sunny Bank Holiday but was giving us the warning at already 5pm on the Bank Holiday itself. A bank account transfer I did yesterday between two of my accounts went through and arrived almost immediately so didn't flag up anything odd for me there - I thought was a bit strange very late on though when a payment didn't get deducted and has changed to 11th.
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