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In 1998 N8 were facing 180 degrees from the 1999 set?

I am guessing there was a temporary setup during the transition?
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No just 90 degrees as has been shown in the previous posts. And yes News 24 were in a greenscreen studio for a few months during the 2003 set changes.

I think harshy means the transition from the original 1998 flags era ("car crash in a shower" set) to the 1999 red and beige one. He's right in that there was a 180 degree rotation between 1998 and 1999, then another 90 degrees between 1999 and 2003. Don't forget the original flags era backdrop for the main set was the main newsroom/windows onto Wood Lane.
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In 1998 N8 were facing 180 degrees from the 1999 set?

I am guessing there was a temporary setup during the transition?

In those days was it quite common for studios to be big enough to build in a new set opposite an old one, hence why back then it seemed possible for them to completely replace a set over a weekend where as nowadays in smaller spaces they seem to have to move out for weeks.
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Can I just reiterate again, having seen the photos Bail has posted, how spectacular the 1999 designs were. Both N8 and N9 looked like futuristic spaceships - what with the Lambie-Nairn titles, David Lowe music and those sets, it really was the pinnacle of BBC News presentation.

Yup, I loved the sheer "warmth" of it, from the downlighting, the reds and creams, to the wood on the desk and the flooring. Now everything is shiney and plastic.

Edit: Also, seeing how little it changed from then till closure, and how different it was to the original 1999, I can see why they were in the greenscreen studio for so long prior to the relaunch.

At least 2 months, judging by this video from October 2003:


I seem to recall during the time when they moved to the CSO studio the on screen graphics/astons weren't quite right. It was like they were running two different graphics engines as the way the text would appear on screen differed slightly.
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News 24 certainly came from TC10 at one point around 2003 - with locked off cameras and chroma-key/CSO backgrounds. TC11 next door was producing BBC Three News output at the time - so both of the old N1 and N2 were back in use for news shows at the time.

(Incidentally - TC11 housed Working Lunch, Newsnight and Newsround a few years later on physical sets (Newsnight managed to squeeze their hard set in, Working Lunch re-dressed this with clipped on PBUs, and Newsround was rigged inside it) as the Barco sets were installed in TC7 and N6. The Newsnight Review set was based around the three projectors left over from BBC Three's 7 O'Clock News, which by then had finished.)
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I honestly don’t remember N24 being in N9. Judging by Susanna’s generic welcome and content, it looks like a simulcast. Perhaps a last minute joining due to some reason or another.

Preplanned maintenance and decamps usually still allowed for two separate studios (whatever they may have been) to operate simultaneously for World and News 24.
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