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(April 2020)

The hospital I work at have just had 3000 donated to them which is a lot of chocolate!
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Yes, to be fair many of the supermarkets have been donating to care homes and hospitals.

The trouble with Easter Eggs is kind of similar to where we are with Christmas now - the supermarkets were discounting them back in February (75p each in Tesco, so £2.25 for 3 today isn't that much of a bargain). People didn't buy them then because it was too early, and supermarkets paniced. Of course if we knew then what we knew now we'd have bought them all in January.
Be nicer and more tolerant to each other. Them's the rules.

8 days later

all new Phil Recently warned Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Jack is really good. Her knowledge is phenomenal. Happy to have my initial scepticism proven wrong.
Just something I picked up on watching the beginning of Daily Kitchen - anyone ever noticed the musical bed used for it is uncannily similar to that of Loose Women?

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